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Thank you, MOMCON2016

We recently returned from MOMCON in Milwaukee, where we shared the Time Timer ® with moms from the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International.


As a family-based company, all of us at Time Timer ® loved being a part of this year’s celebration of inspiration and faith for moms. Before it was a household name, the  original Time Timer ® was founded in an everyday household in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio.


Jan Rogers struggled to help her daughter, Loran, keep track of time. She wasn’t old enough to read clocks and often missed the bus. So, mom Jan invented Time Timer, which features a patented red disk that shows elapsed time.

Letters to Jan: Tommy's Story

We daily use our Time Timer for Tommy's reading. He struggled to read at all until we got him glasses and we started regularly using the Time Timer. Can you tell Jan thanks for us? Now he doesn't rush to get his reading done because it doesn't matter how much reading he gets done, it matters that he does his best for 45 min a day... and his perfectionistic personality is finally able to relax and read.

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