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Seven Tips for Test Taking

Seven Tips for Test Taking


Spring has sprung here in the U.S., which means more daylight, trees in bloom, soccer games...and testing are just around the corner! We’ve got tips and tricks to help you prepare.

8 Ways the Dry Erase Board Gives You a Clean Slate for Productivity in 2017

It’s a new year. The hecticness of the holidays has passed, and it’s time to gear up to meet your objectives in 2017. We’ve got just the tool to help you get started: The Time Timer ® Dry Erase Board.

The Dry Erase Board pairs with the Time Timer MOD® and helps you keep your to-do list and urgent tasks on track. A convenient caddy on the back helps you keep supplies like dry erase markers, erasers and other supplies. To help you jumpstart your productivity in 2017, we’re offering a 25% discount off the Dry Erase Board (valid from January 9 - 22, 2017.  MOD sold separately). Not sure how to use the Dry Erase Board? Here are 8 top ways customers are using it.

Thank you, MOMCON2016

We recently returned from MOMCON in Milwaukee, where we shared the Time Timer ® with moms from the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International.


As a family-based company, all of us at Time Timer ® loved being a part of this year’s celebration of inspiration and faith for moms. Before it was a household name, the  original Time Timer ® was founded in an everyday household in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio.


Jan Rogers struggled to help her daughter, Loran, keep track of time. She wasn’t old enough to read clocks and often missed the bus. So, mom Jan invented Time Timer, which features a patented red disk that shows elapsed time.

5 Time Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher

It's that time of year – the Internet is ablaze with back-to-school tips!  Here's a set for Time Timer fans.

5 time-related questions to ask your child's teacher:

1. How much time should my child spend doing homework at night? On the weekends?

2. Does my child respond well to time limits, or is that a stressor?

3. Does my child handle time well academically? Is she rushed during tests? Does he complete tasks on time?

4. Does my child handle time well socially? Does he share? Does she struggle with transitions?

5. What can we be doing at home to help our child manage time?

Bonus Question: What is the classroom bullying policy? If my child is targeted or sees another child being bullied, what should we do?

More excellent questions to ask your child's teacher >>

Does your child's teacher have a Time Timer? Email him or her the Time Timer animated video. Teachers can buy in bulk at the Time Timer Store.

Create a Time Timer Classroom!

Time Timer Classroom is an amazingly productive place.

It's a classroom where students can visualize time, understand it as a concept, and learn to manage it effectively. If you've taken advantage of Time Timer's Back-to-School Special, then you've heard how thousands of teachers worldwide prefer this visual approach to time

  • Young children can watch the Timer and anticipate when class will switch from math to recess to silent reading and test time, reducing behavior problems. 
  • College, high school and junior high students can complete standardized tests, group projects and creative assignments with more independence. 
  • Students with special needs can engage with a quiet visual timer – no noisy ticking or distracting numerical countdown.

So how can schools really maximize their Time Timers? What does a true Time Timer Classroom look like?