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Our Story

Jan Rogers

Meet Jan Rogers – The inventor and founder of Time Timer®. Almost 30 years ago, Jan’s youngest child struggled to make transitions from one daily routine to another. Whether it was time to get ready for school, or for homework, practice or bed, her young daughter often felt frustrated and anxious because of her inability to grasp the concept of elapsed time.

Motivated to solve this universal problem, Jan created the original visual timer, the Time Timer®—an innovative, simple time management tool designed to “show” the passage of time through the use of a colored red disk. As time elapses, the colored disk disappears—making common routines at work, school or home stress-free and enjoyable.

Today, the award-winning and research proven Time Timer family of products helps individuals of all ages and abilities around the world better visualize and manage the passage of time, so that they can be more productive, organized and relaxed throughout the day to “make every moment count.

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How the Time Timer Works

Easy to Set
Easy to Set: To set a Time Timer, move the colored disk to the desired amount of time.
No Loud Ticking
No Loud Ticking: The time automatically begins to count down with no loud ticking.
Time Visually Disappears
Time Visually Disappears: As time elapses, the colored disk disappears. The Time Timer operates in a clockwise direction.
Make Every Moment Count
Make Every Moment Count: Time is up when the disk is gone!

Why Time Timer Visual Timers Count Down the Way They Do

It all goes back to the function: It’s not about telling the time of day on a clock – instead, we’re trying to make the passage of time visible for anyone who needs to focus or struggles to visualize what 10 or 20 minutes really means.

The numbers are placed counterclockwise to accommodate the countdown function of the clock. The red disk moves to highlight the numbers showing exactly how much time is left.

This setup has been proven to help anyone trying to focus on a particular activity for a set period of time.

Intuitive Assistive Technology

The major concept upon which the original Time Timer visual timer is based was Jan's perception of the need for the visualization of elapsed time in a more dramatic display than the familiar analog or digital clock faces.  After consulting with professionals in the fields of education, disabilities (including but not limited to all learning & behavioral disabilities like ADD/ADHD, Autism spectrum, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, executive function deficits, etc.), occupational therapists, and physical therapists, it was confirmed that serving people with disabilities should be the primary focus of this product.

Research demonstrates that Time Timer products are an extremely effective aid in teaching time awareness for anyone, and especially children, diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Autism and a wide variety of other cognitive disabilities. Since its beginning, Time Timer products quickly became a proven solution and the gold standard among professional experts and individuals within the community.

Since Jan’s initial invention, Time Timer continues to create products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time – in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for everyone, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference. 

Recommended by Autism and ADHD experts, Time Timer products display the passage of time with a disappearing colored disk. This is a powerful tool for visual thinkers and differently wired brains.

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Intuitive Assistive Technology

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