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Time Timer In Education

Success in the classroom

Whether your classroom is in the school building, or at the kitchen table, teachers around the world have discovered the power of the award-winning Time Timer to transform stressful transition periods, reduce resistance to routines and increase their ability to manage their classrooms.

The Time Timer helps students of all ages and abilities see and understand the passage of time. This provides them the opportunity to focus, which, in today’s challenging and chaotic learning environment, is not often easy to do. Isn’t that what you want for your classroom?

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Recommended Classroom Time Management Tools

Time Timer® MAX


The Time Timer MAX is the largest visual timer; it is 17 inches by 17 inches. The MAX gives you the ability to customize your time management for your classroom. This timer includes 8 timers in one – 3 double sided faces are included and the additional two are available as an accessory. From creating your own schedule to a timer all the way up to 24 hours the options are endless.
Time Timer® Original 12"
Original 12”


The size of the Time Timer Original 12 inch allows it to be seen anywhere in the room. This is perfect for a classroom full of students because it can easily be seen from a distance. The Time Timer is clinically proven to increase self-regulation in students. Included with the Time Timer 12" is a free download of the Time Timer Desktop App that can be projected or used on a SmartBoard. Perfect for teachers to run multiple timers at once, customize durations and colors, and save frequently used timers.
Time Timer® Original 8"
Original 8”


The Time Timer Original 8 inch is the ideal timer for individual and small group use. This timer is perfect for setting up workstations throughout the classroom. The Time Timer Original 8 inch is the original Time Timer that has been a classroom favorite for over 25 years. Similar to the Original 12 inch, included is a 3x3 inch Dry Erase Activity Card that can be slotted into the top of the timer for visual schedules and time-to-task management.

“When you have many children in the classroom it's often difficult to be able to meet the needs of all the children at once. So having this tool really provided a great relief when I couldn't be the one to provide the redirection.”
Anita Calo, Educator

“I'll use the Time Timer during sensory breaks where the kids might be bouncing or jumping and their eyes may not be on it—so it's nice that you can turn on the timer and pair it with an auditory and visual component.”
Jen O'Brien, Occupational Therapist

Time Timer Original 8” - Learning Center Classroom Set (3-pack)

Time Timer Original 8” - Learning Center Classroom Set (3-pack)

A little guidance can go a long way when it comes to helping kids of all ages grasp the passage of time, visualize time remaining for a test session, or understand the amount of time left to read a favorite book during quiet time. That’s where the Time Timer 8” Learning Center Classroom Set comes in – it’s your newest classroom hero!

Like many classroom teachers, you may find color-coding your classroom to be an excellent way of keeping the kids organized and focused on a variety of daily classroom tasks. Using color schemes in your classroom not only makes the learning environment more fun, uplifting, or happy – it truly can make a difference in learning outcomes in the classroom.

Available in a Primary Color Collection: Red, Yellow, and Blue, or a Secondary Color Collection: Orange, Green and Purple.

Additional Resources for Using Learning Centers in the Classroom:

Time Timer is used by all different types of educational professionals in a variety of different environments. Here are just a few examples:




  • Rotate learning stations
  • Using color to organize the classroom
  • Ensure equal time for taking turns
  • Get clean up done more quickly


  • Effectively manage small groups for differentiated instruction
  • Empower students to manage their own time
  • Provide focus for individual work

Middle & High School

Special Needs

How the Time Timer Works

Easy to Set
Easy to Set: To set a Time Timer, move the colored disk to the desired amount of time.
No Loud Ticking
No Loud Ticking: The time automatically begins to count down with no loud ticking.
Time Visually Disappears
Time Visually Disappears: As time elapses, the colored disk disappears. The Time Timer operates in a clockwise direction.
Make Every Moment Count
Make Every Moment Count: Time is up when the disk is gone!

Intuitive Assistive Technology

Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time – in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for everyone, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference.

Time Timer is clinically proven to increase self-regulation.

A study conducted by the Department of Exceptional Student Education at Florida Atlantic University found that children ages 2-4 years old showed a significant increase in self-regulation skills when the Time Timer® was used to facilitate their activity.
Intuitive Assistive Technology

Teach Proper Handwashing Routines and Encourage Self-Regulation with the Time Timer WASH

Teach Proper Handwashing Routines and Encourage Self-Regulation with the Time Timer WASH

The Time Timer WASH is the perfect tool to make handwashing a self-regulated activity in the classroom. The Time Timer WASH visual handwashing timer breaks handwashing down in to 3 simple steps. Its familiar disappearing disk, paired with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommended duration for clean hands, gives students of all ages and abilities an easy-to-understand resource for ensuring their hands are germ-free.

Our recent case study illustrates how one preschool used the Time Timer WASH, a visual timer for handwashing, to give their students the confidence and independence needed to properly wash their hands, so the teachers could continue doing what they do best – teaching.

Read CASE STUDY: Using the Time Timer WASH, a visual handwashing timer, in a Preschool Setting

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