20 Ways to Use the Award-Winning Time Timer 20 MIN

The new Time Timer ®  20 MIN has generated a lot of buzz since its release—it even won a Mom’s Choice Award ®! Parents, teachers, and business professionals are loving this easy-to-read visual timer that keeps everyone on track and on time. Here are 20 ways to use your Time Timer 20 MIN:

Five Ways to Make Summer Homework More Fun

While summer brings fun in the sun and a more relaxed schedule, it can also bring summer reading and homework assignments. Whether it’s book reports or math, here are some tips to help make summer homework as engaging as possible.



A New TWIST on the Classic Visual Timer

All it takes is a quick twist to set the new Time Timer TWIST ®!  Portable, magnetic and sporting a digital display, this new update on the classic Time Timer is great for kids and adults. Just turn the outer ring to set your desired time, and then push the play button—it’s that simple. The easy-to-read digital display shows at a glance how much time remains, as the digital tick marks disappear.



The 90-minute duration is perfect for school, home, or office, and the magnetic back makes the Time Timer TWIST easy to display—it sticks on everything from refrigerators to file cabinets to white boards. Like all Time Timer devices, it’s silent and unobtrusive, with an alert sound when time is up. And at just over 3 inches in diameter, it’s extremely portable and easy to take anywhere you go!


Use it in the classroom to time tests, group activities, and turn-taking exercises, or help keep students with special needs on task. Use it in the office to keep track of presentations and team-building exercises. At home, keep morning and bedtime routines on track, or time homework and instrument practice. The Time Timer TWIST even makes a great kitchen timer!


You’ve trusted the original Time Timer to help keep you on track and on time. Now the Time Timer TWIST provides a new way to enjoy the same reliable visual time management resource. And the low price means you can keep more than one on hand, for any time you need to make everyday tasks easier and more productive.

Introducing the Updated Time Timer® Android App!

The classic Time Timer® Android App has been updated and improved! This digital version of the original visual timer is now compatible with Chromebooks, making it a natural fit for Google Education classrooms and many other uses!


Helping Your Teen With ADHD Stay Safe On The Roads




Most parents worry about their kids reaching the age where they can legally drive, but it’s especially worrisome for those whose children live with ADHD, because the very functions they need to perform behind the wheel are often the same ones that are affected most by the disorder. Keeping our kids safe on the roads is a major priority, yet many parents are unsure of how to go about it once their child gets a license.


Fortunately, there are several ways you can help your teen learn to be safe. It starts with a good plan, some ground rules, and a bit of patience and trust. Here are some of the best ways to help your teen get comfortable--and safe--behind the wheel.