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Student Guest Post | Why I like Time Timer by Cammy Rogers

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

For the month of May we are letting students take over the blog! This week's is written by Cammy Rogers, a 10 year old, fourth grader in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We love her simplicity and the creative uses for the Time Timer. Cammy submitted a hand-written blog, shown below, which we also love. 

By Cammy Rogers

Time Timer Student Blog Cammy Rogers

I like Time Timer because it tells me how long to read, watch tv, or how long I have to do my homework before taking a break. Also, my teacher uses it to show fractions, and she uses it to show how long we have on a test. Time Timer makes it easier to understand.



Cammy's cat, Oreo, pictured with the Time Timer.

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