Student Guest Post | Giving the Gift of Time for Mother's Day by Emerson Davis

Student Guest Post | Giving the Gift of Time for Mother's Day by Emerson Davis

For the month of May we are letting students take over the blog! This week's blog puts the focus on moms in celebration of Mother's Day.  It is written by the talented Emerson Davis, a 15-year old freshman student at Madeira High School in Madeira, Ohio. Emerson has been using the Time Timer most of her life, and wears the Time Timer watch on a regular basis. She tells us why time can be the best gift of all, and honestly, we couldn't agree more.

by Emerson Davis

On Mother’s Day, everyone wants to celebrate the moms in their lives and show them how much they care. I have found one of the best gifts you can give is the gift of time. There is nothing better than having someone help you with even the small things, such as taking out the trash. Everyone appreciates having extra help around the house, but especially moms because they are some of the busiest people I know.

My mom does so much for our family and around the house, and by just giving her my time, I would be helping her. It’s a fantastic gift that doesn’t involve any financial obligations, just a will to help and some time in your day. It shows your love in a really fantastic way. Mother’s Day is soon, and although a purse or piece of jewelry is nice, giving up time is even better.

Time Timer Mother's Day Gift of Time Emerson Davis Student Blogger

Emerson, pictured with mom Jenny, and younger sister Kate

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