Empowering Everyone to Conquer Time By Heather Rogers

Empowering Everyone to Conquer Time By Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers is currently the Co-President of Time Timer. In this post, Heather explains why we make it our mission to help everyone conquer time. 

I’ve worked for Time Timer for seven years now and during that time I’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal. Not just about timers, but about people. That’s the best part…knowing that the work that I do helps to make a positive difference for all kinds of people in their everyday lives. Time is everywhere and always – there’s literally no escape and you can never get it back.  For some, this is an annoyance, for others it can be devastating. The ability to manage time (our own, or the abilities of those around us) impacts every single one of us.

I’ve heard from mothers who call our office in a panic because their Time Timer was broken and they had to have it in order for their child who has special needs to successfully navigate her day. I get hugs at conferences from total strangers who are so thankful that our product exists because it makes such a difference in their lives, or the student who’s needs they are working so hard to make sure are met.  Did you see the article we posted on our blog about Time Timer being recognized as one of the top resources to level the playing field for people who have disabilities in the workplace? I met another woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost the ability to comprehend time…she was learning how to do it again using the Time Timer with much success. 

These stories are important because they explain why we are here, why Time Timer exists. My mother-in-law, Jan Rogers, invented the Time Timer so she could help her young daughter better manage her own time. She didn’t know at the time what her impact on the world would be! She just wanted to help one person who is important to her. Time Timer was created and the company founded 25 years ago with the desire to help someone be more independent, feel less stress and accomplish goals big and small. That’s what we still do today – help people help themselves or help others who are important to them. Jan Rogers’ legacy is one of success, not only for the company she founded but most importantly for the people who use Time Timer every day around the world.  

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