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8 Ways the Dry Erase Board Gives You a Clean Slate for Productivity in 2017

Posted by Natalie Hastings on

It’s a new year. The hecticness of the holidays has passed, and it’s time to gear up to meet your objectives in 2017. We’ve got just the tool to help you get started: The Time Timer ® Dry Erase Board.

The Dry Erase Board pairs with the Time Timer MOD® and helps you keep your to-do list and urgent tasks on track. A convenient caddy on the back helps you keep supplies like dry erase markers, erasers and other supplies. To help you jumpstart your productivity in 2017, we’re offering a 25% discount off the Dry Erase Board (valid from January 9 - 22, 2017.  MOD sold separately). Not sure how to use the Dry Erase Board? Here are 8 top ways customers are using it.

At Work:

1. Use the Dry Erase Board to keep meetings on track. Write down agenda items--or list the brainstorm topic--and set the timer for the meeting. You’re good to go.
2. Keep a Dry Erase Board on your desk. Write down your to-do list and set a timer. The timer can remind you to check email, or take a break. Or perhaps the timer is a limit on how much time to spend on email.

At home:

3. Ready to organize your home after the holidays? Tackle one room at a time. Write out the list of rooms to organize and set a timer for each space.
4. If you’re doing a declutter of your closets, you can remind yourself of your process, such as sorting by keep, donate or recycle/trash. Set the timer so you don’t get overwhelmed.
5. The Dry Erase Board also works for homework reminders. Set it up in your family’s homework station and write out each child’s work.
6. Kids of all ages can stay on task using the board to write out their chores. Set a timer so they know they don’t have to pick up toys ALL day.



At school:

7. Write notes of encouragement on the Dry Erase Board and then set a timer for tests.
8. Remind your students about all components of an assignment: what goes in each paragraph, the questions they should be asking when they read an article, the scientific hypothesis--no matter the age or the class, you can reinforce your instructions and the time allowed.



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