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It’s Time to Organize! These Five Steps will Jumpstart your Home Organization

Posted by Natalie Hastings on

Happy New Year!

The holiday parties are over, and the slate is clean. It’s time to get back to your routine, and that means a chance to get back on track with home organization. The energy you spent on cards and parties last month you can put into getting your home in order now.

If you’re in the same hemisphere as we are here at Time Timer, it’s probably COLD. Wouldn’t you rather get things organized now, before school ends, the pool opens up, the summer concert series begins and your gardening is calling your name? If you’re lucky enough to live where it’s warm right now, lucky you. It’s probably time to tackle the after-holiday organizing, though, right?

We’re here to help, with these five steps to jumpstart your home organization process.

1. Make a plan and stick to it. Remember that you can’t change your habits overnight, and to make organizational systems last, they must become a habit. Try this 52-week plan to tackle your home room by room, clutter zone by clutter zone.

2. Try a timer, like this Time Timer Watch Plus. You can set multiple, recurring timers, and you don’t have to worry about taking it with you. So, if you’re organizing the basement, and going up and down the stairs with your trash and donate items, you won’t lose track. Not only that, but you can also get an idea of how much time you’ve spent at a glance. I love timers because they give me a goal--and a deadline. If I can make it 30 minutes cleaning, I can quit. Once I convince myself to start, I can go longer. But setting a manageable time on my Time Timer Watch Plus gives me the momentum I need.

3. Start with small steps, like setting up a paper recycling station near the door, so you can handle all of the bills, flyers, and school papers before they take over your home. My recycling bin is in my garage, so most of the paper clutter never makes it inside. I also really like this idea for using plastic bins as pull-out drawers in your kitchen cabinets.

4. Tackle one big project you can feel good about. What’s driving you crazy? Is your refrigerator a hot spot after the holidays? Try these hints for organizing the fridge. Is the paper clutter out of control for the mail you need to keep? Set up a household filing system, and be sure you are using the same naming conventions. Do your auto insurance bills go under “Car” or “Insurance?” Be consistent--and label.

5. Reward yourself for a job well done! Buy some fun file folders, or something totally unrelated to your organizing project, like a movie night or a new pair of shoes. I’d suggest small rewards along the way, with a big reward (weekend away?) to look forward to at the end.

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