• “One of the tools that I find the most useful for focus and for making time for things that matter, is the Time Timer!”

    Jake Knapp

  • “Quite simply, we love the Time Timer. If you use the Time Timer when you’re getting into laser mode, you’ll feel an instant, visceral sense of urgency, in a totally good way.”

    Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky

  • “What is so powerful about this (the Time Timer), is when you set a timer like this and put it on the table in a meeting, you don’t even have to say anything. Everyone suddenly starts

    Jake Knapp


Intuitive Assistive Technology

Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time – in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for everyone, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference. At your desk, in the boardroom or on the wall of the conference hall, the Time Timer increases productivity by creating a sense of urgency and keeping everyone on track.

Best-selling author, Jake Knapp, has long been a Time Timer fan

Jake Knapp spent 10 years at Google and Google ventures and used the Time Timer in the creation of the Design Sprint, a focused and time-constrained innovation framework. He published his best-selling book, Sprint, in 2016. Since then, Jake has continued to be a “time dork,” utilizing Time Timer’s in all areas of his life. His second book, written with fellow Google alum John Zeratsky, Make Time, released in 2018. This book highlights the very principle that defines Time Timer’s overall mission: ways to Make Every Moment Count.

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