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Time Timer Referenced in Books

These authors recommend the Time Timer to help families, educators and people with special needs.

Books in English Referencing Time Timer

Knapp, Jake and John Zeratsky: Make Time
A book about creating time for what matters by rethinking the defaults of constant busyness and distraction. Buy this book.

Teaches your children eight essential life skills. Buy book on iTunes.

Goldberg, Donna (with Jennifer Zwiebel): The Organized Student
Won a Margot Marek Book Award. Buy book on Amazon.

See the Time Timer on page 186 in Procter & Gamble's office. Buy book on Amazon.

Hundert, Joel: Inclusion of Students with Autism: Using ABA-Based Support in General Education
Excellent resource for Behavior Analysts. Buy book on Amazon.

Josel, Leslie: Teens and Time Management
Great resource for postive ways to support your teenagers and help them learn time management skills. Buy book on Amazon.

Knapp, Jake:  Sprint
A unique 5-day process for solving critical business questions.  Buy this book.

McGrath, Mary Zabolio: Teachers Today: A Guide to Surviving Creatively
Read Mary's Time Timer TipBuy on Amazon.

Roher, Marcia & Samson, Nannette: 10 Critical Components for Success in the Special Education ClassroomBuy on Amazon.

Discover how Dr Shane uses his Time Timer. Buy on Amazon.

Books in Dutch Referencing Time Timer

De Rijdt, Chris: Werken met Visualisaties

Kolberg, Judith and Kathleen Nadeau: Opgeruimd Leven Met ADHD