References in Books

These authors recommend the Time Timer to help families, educators and people with special needs.

Books in English

Cox, Adam J PhD: No Mind Left Behind, Understanding and Fostering Executive Control
Teaches your children eight essential life skills. Buy book on iTunes.

Goldberg, Donna (with Jennifer Zwiebel): The Organized Student
Won a Margot Marek Book Award. Buy book on Amazon.

Groves, Kursty: I Wish I Worked There! A Look Inside the Most Creative Spaces in Business 
See the Time Timer on page 186 in Procter & Gamble's office. Buy book on Amazon.

Hundert, Joel: Inclusion of Students with Autism: Using ABA-Based Support in General Education
Excellent resource for Behavior Analysts. Buy book on Amazon.

Josel, Leslie: Teens and Time Management
Great resource for postive ways to support your teenagers and help them learn time management skills. Buy book on Amazon.

Knapp, Jake:  Sprint
A unique 5-day process for solving critical business questions.  Buy this book.

Kowalski, Timothy P: Asperger Syndrome Explained
Provides emotional, educational and social support. Buy this book.

Krumins, Jennifer: Autism and the Grandparent Connection
Read Jennifer's guest blog. Buy book on Amazon.

McGrath, Mary Zabolio: Teachers Today: A Guide to Surviving Creatively
Read Mary's Time Timer TipBuy on Amazon.

Roher, Marcia & Samson, Nannette: 10 Critical Components for Success in the Special Education ClassroomBuy on Amazon.

Shane, Howard PhD: Visual Language with Autism
Discover how Dr Shane uses his Time Timer. Buy on Amazon.

Books in Dutch

De Rijdt, Chris: Werken met Visualisaties

Kolberg, Judith and Kathleen Nadeau: Opgeruimd Leven Met ADHD

Books in Japanese

Tobe, Keiko: With the Light: Raising a Child with Autism