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Time Timer Original

The Time Timer Original

The Time Timer Original Line up comes in three different sizes. Perfect for a wide variety of needs. From a large 12 inch timer, to a medium sized 8 inch timer, all the way down to 3 inches. 
The Time Timer Original 8" was the first visual timer invented by Jan Rogers over 25 years ago. Proven through years of experience, in addition to clinical research, the Time Timer helps everyone, of all ages and abilities, "see" time, therefore increasing focus and self-regulation. 
Time Timer Original Line up
  • Benefits

    • Increase productivity by breaking projects into manageable segments
    • Keep meetings and appointments on schedule
    • Manage the stress of traveling by showing “how much longer”
    • Reduce conflicts over whose turn it is with computers and games
    • Trade chaos for order in family and household routines


I have used several different sized Time Timers over the past 10 years in my teaching, coaching and personal life. When I am teaching adults, having the large model at the front of the room during small group exercises allows me and my students to gage time with just a quick glance. I can move around to each group and track when to have them wind up their exercise or discussion. When coaching via Face Time, I put the timer above my computer screen where my client doesn't see it but I do and can let each client know when we are in the last 15 minutes. Then they can choose to add more time or wrap things up. In my massage practice, I take the smaller timer to chair massage events such as fund raisers. I charge $1 a minute and set the timer on silent. People signing up for the next session can see how long they have to wait without interrupting me with questions.
I was introduced to this product by a friend of mine who is a Special Ed teacher. At 50 I was diagnosed with ADHD and using this timer to help myself shift to the next task has been invaluable. I frequently refer my coaching clients and/or parents to this tool.
- Wendy M., Teacher


The Time Timer 12 inch INCLUDES:

  • Patented red disk that disappears as time elapses
  • No loud ticking, no distractions, no setup required
  • Optional audible signal when time is up
  • One AA battery is required for operation (not included)
  • Our 12-inch Time Timer features optional accessories
Jan Rogers and the Time Timer Original


Kids learning with the Time Timer 12 Inch school aged child learning with the time timer 8 inch Time Timer 3 inch on the go!