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Time Timer Original

The Original Visual Timer, 3 Different Sizes

It started with one little question: “How much longer?”

Jan Rogers set out to answer this question for her inquisitive child over 25 years ago. This led to the invention of the Time Timer Original 8" - the first visual timer. Proven through years of experience, in addition to clinical research, the Time Timer helps everyone, of all ages and abilities, "see" time, therefore increasing focus and self-regulation. With the patented red disk, Time Timer makes elapsing time concrete by reaffirming the analog clock in its clockwise movement. The visual design of Time Timer family of products helps ease transitions and encourages independence and productivity for all abilities, including those with Autism, ADHD, or other special needs.

As it’s evolved over the years, the original 8” visual timer is now available in 12” and 3” models. With the different size options, you can customize time management for your classroom, workplace, or home.
Time Timer Original 12” Visual Timer
Shop the Original 12”


Perfect for large classrooms or rooms, big groups, or conferences.
Shop the Time Timer Original 8” Visual Timer
Shop the Original 8”


Perfect for smaller classrooms or rooms, small group work, or meetings.
Shop the Time Timer Original 3" Visual Timer
Shop the Original 3"


Perfect for individual, one-on-one, or portable uses.

Time Timer® Original 8” - Learning Center Classroom Set (Set of 3)

With the new Learning Center Classroom Set, the Time Timer Original 8", a teacher-favorite, is now available in a multi-pack set of three. Each set comes with three timers of different colors to aid in color curriculum during the early years and for time management in color-coded classrooms. Available in a Primary Color Collection: Red, Yellow, and Blue, or a Secondary Color Collection: Orange, Green and Purple.

Shop the Primary Color Collection of Visual Timers for the classroom
Shop the Primary Color Collection


Red, Yellow, and Blue
Shop Color Visual Timers from Time Timer
Shop the Secondary Color Collection


Orange, Green, and Purple

Features of the Time Timer Original

Free Time Timer Desktop App DownloadFree Time Timer Desktop App Download - Includes a free download of the Time Timer Desktop App.
Included Dry Erase Activity Card

Included Dry Erase Activity Card - The Dry Erase Activity Card slots into the top of the timer, allowing you to write or draw the timed activity. Extra Dry Erase Activity Cards are sold separately.

Magnetic and Stand-Alone

Magnetic and Stand-Alone - Strong magnets allow the Time Timer Original 8" and 12” to be displayed on a markerboard, refrigerator, file cabinet, or any metallic material, but it can also stand alone or hang on the wall.

Time Timer Originals Accessory

Time Timer Originals Accessory - Extra Dry Erase Activity Cards (Set of 5)

  • The Dry Erase Activity Card slots into the top of the Time Timer Original 3" (Pocket), 8" (Medium) or 12" (Large).
  • This accessory kit comes with 5 Dry Erase Activity Cards.
  • These Dry Erase Activity Cards allow you to write or draw the timed activity, or use tape or velcro to apply exiting pictos.
  • The Time Timer Original 3" inch can fit 1 card across the top of the visual timer, The Time Timer Original 8" can fit up to 2 cards across the top, and the Time Timer Original 12" can fit up to 3 cards across the top.

Why a Time Timer Original Visual Timer will be a Life Changer, Guaranteed.
  • Increases productivity by breaking projects into manageable segments
  • Manages the stress of traveling by showing “how much longer”
  • Reduces conflicts over whose turn it is with computers and games
  • Trades chaos for order in family and household routines
  • Keeps meetings and appointments on schedule

All Time Timer visual timers carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the Time Timer Original doesn’t make your life better, return it to us within 12 months and we’ll give you a full refund or exchange, no questions asked.

A Classroom Favorite for Over 25 Years

This line-up provides intuitive visual time management regardless of the number of students, the size of the room, or if it's in the school, work, or home environment.

Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time - in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for differently abled people, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference.
Intuitive Assistive Technology

How the Time Timer Works

Easy to Set
Easy to Set: To set a Time Timer, move the colored disk to the desired amount of time.
No Loud Ticking
No Loud Ticking: The time automatically begins to count down with no loud ticking.
Time Visually Disappears
Time Visually Disappears: As time elapses, the colored disk disappears. The Time Timer operates in a clockwise direction.
Make Every Moment Count
Make Every Moment Count: Time is up when the disk is gone!