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Why Kids and Teachers Love Time Timer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


If you’re a teacher, you’ve likely been working extra hard to keep structure in your classroom whether it is in person or virtual. Time Timer can be a great friend for helping you and your students keep order and structure in the classroom during an uncertain time.  


The Time Timer allows you to set increments of time that will wind down with a red disk that disappears as time elapses, letting everyone know with a quick glance how much time is left for planned activities.   


Students can get a lot of use out of the Time Timer. For one, it makes test or quiz-taking a much less anxious affair — just look at the Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute, and there’s no need to guess how much time is left. This saves teachers from needing to interrupt the class to say “we have X minutes left” or going to the board to write how much time is left. The less distractions there are while answering questions, the better kids are likely to do.  


Having to physically distance from each other will be a challenge, especially at lunch time or the end of the day when students are eager to leap out of their seats and run out the door. You can set the Time Timer Original 12" for a few minutes at the end of class, with the alarm sound switched on preferably, that serves as the exit time for your class period, wherein you order your students out the door in a consistent, physically-distanced manner. 


The Time Timer can also be used to help regulate virtual lessons. By placing a Time Timer MAX behind you, so it can be seen in the camera, your students can track the class time independently. Your virtual lesson won’t be interrupted by, “How much longer is class?” because they will be able to see. This can also help you as the teacher make sure you cover all the material you need to before class is up.  


Are you in-person in the classroom right now? Try the Time Timer WASH! This 30 second handwashing timer is there to keep everyone safe and germ free. Following the CDC and WHO recommendation of 20 seconds of handwashing the Time Timer WASH is broken down into 3 simple steps:  

  1. 5 Second Soap 
  2. 20 Second Scrub 
  3. 5 Second Rinse 


Just as you can have an exit time, you can have an entry time, so that kids are not coming into your classroom in crowds and staying in close contact while finding their seat. One of the keys to keeping a safe classroom is ensuring that the flow of foot traffic is slow and steady.  


We hope this article enlightened teachers to the benefits that the Time Timer brings to the classroom, even a pandemic classroom, and that parents of students--or even students themselves--may be interested in the Time Timer for home as well. It’s a great study aide, inside and outside of the classroom!  



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