Three Tips to Organize Your Home Office

Three Tips to Organize Your Home Office


Home offices took on a much greater significance in 2020 as remote work became the norm in many industries.   

In years past, home offices may have served as convenient places to sneak away to in order to get some quick bits of work done after dinner, or an area to organize all your documents for your yearly tax filings. For many, home offices were a nice luxury but not a necessity.  

Last year changed that for many of us. With the dramatic increase in remote work, many have attempted to put together a makeshift office in an extra bedroom or carved out space wherever it might be found. New home buyers have started prioritizing homes with flex spaces or bonus rooms to ensure they have space for a more permanent and peaceful home office.   

As more people experience this shift from in-office to remote work setups, it is important to look at ways to organize your space to help you be happier, healthier, and stay on task and limit distractions working at home. 


Create an Ergonomic Setup 

Support your body and ensure you are comfortable to promote productive and overall health and wellbeing, by using a chair that supports your low back and promotes good posture.  


Ensure the height of your desk allows you to rest your forearms and elbows on it at around a 90 degree angle.  


For your computer screen, it should be at eye level so that your chin is parallel to the floor. You can use stands or stack books to get it where it needs to be. 


Make It Yours 

Create an environment that provides a sense of comfort and inspiration. Plants are a great way to add soothing color and calm to your workday. If don’t exactly have a green thumb, go for a low or no-water option like a succulent or an artificial plant. These days, some faux plants are extremely lifelike and you will hardly notice the difference. 

You may also like to add a few items to your workspace that will inspire or motivate you. If you have a favorite painting that stirs creativity and imagination, find a prominent place in your office to provide some visual inspiration. Or you might add some photos of your family to provide some motivation to power through the tough days. 


Utilize Tools for Time Management  

Time management can be more difficult for some when working from home. For anyone who needs a little help to stay focused and complete tasks during the workday, the Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board can makes it simple. Write out your daily schedule including all meetings and major tasks you want to complete on the Dry Erase Board. Assign amounts of time to each task and use the Time Timer MOD to stay focus on one task at a time and conquer the to-do list.  


Utilize the Pomodoro Technique to break up your larger project into smaller, more manageable tasks. The technique calls for short, 3-5 minute breaks after 25 minutes of work. After you have completed this cycle four times, take an extended 15-30 minute break. Use your Time Timer to help track your progress. These times are suggested and can be adjusted up or down to meet your specific needs and working style. In your longer break, take advantage of the perks of working from home. Brew a pot of your favorite tea, take a quick walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air, or throw the ball in the backyard for your dog as a way to reset for your afternoon projects.  


With more workers doing their jobs remotely, and many likely not returning to office locations in the near future or at all, it is essential to put more thought and attention into your work from home space. We hope these tips help you to limit potential distractions, make your workspace uniquely yours, and create a happy, healthy environment that promotes a sense of calm and consistency.  



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