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Time Management for Stress Relief

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


As we settle into the new year, many of us are feeling stress due to the current pandemic and our unusual circumstances - managing remote work, at-home learning, and keeping our families happy, healthy, and safe during a time of uncertainty. 

Chronic stress has a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Whether you’re caught up in the constant news cycle, feeling isolated from family and friends, or just worn out from the daily grind, bringing attention to your time management toolkit can provide a lot of relief. We’re here to help! 


Managing the 24/7 News Cycle   

Of course, as informed and engaged citizens we wish to stay up-to-date with the news. At the same time, however, an overload of information is a surefire way to increase your stress levels. One way to manage how much time you spend refreshing your news feed is to choose trusted sources and limit the amount of time you spend reading, listening, or watching the news before moving on with your day.   

Decide on the amount of time you will spend on the news each day, and set the time on the Time Timer MOD - Home Edition to hold yourself accountable and stop when your allotted time is up.  


Reducing Isolation from Family and Friends 

Feeling isolated from family and friends has been a significant cause of stress for many people in the past year as we all practice safe habits during the pandemic. Though it may look a little different than our social activities in the past, it is essential to make time to connect with the people in our lives in creative ways.  

Stay in touch by scheduling time for a regular call with a loved one, meeting up for a socially distanced walk with a friend, or organizing a video chat with the grandparents. There are many options for virtual trivia, board games, and wellness classes - take advantage of these opportunities to stay connected, reduce stress, and shake up your daily routine. The Time Timer Original 8” is perfect for group video calls for everyone to see how much time is left in each trivia round to get their answers in! 


Time Management to Support Individuals with Special Needs 

Time management is especially important for individuals with special needs. The Time Timer is a stress-free time management tool that supports regular routines and creates easier transitions between activities, reducing stress and helping users to feel empowered to manage their daily schedule.  

With a clear visual of how much time is left for any task, you can feel confident in managing your own time. A great option is the Time Timer MOD + Dry Erase Board. Use the Dry Erase Board to outline the daily routine and support the completion of tasks.  


Successful Work-From-Home and Remote Learning 

There are many benefits to working from home, including more flexibility, the ability to choose your thermostat setting, and comfortable loungewear! However, remote work has also become a new source of stress for many as the line between work and home is blurred. Many of us are balancing our responsibilities as a parent, spouse or partner while also maintaining productivity in our jobs. In other cases, learning how to manage time while not in an office setting with colleagues to hold us accountable can be a struggle.  

Creating and sticking to a schedule to accomplish tasks while working from home is necessary. Break your day up into tasks and blocks of time and use your Time Timer PLUS 120 Minute to help stay focused and on schedule. For at-home learners, using a visual timer to stay on track with schoolwork and assignments will help to manage stress, and free up your evenings and weekends for leisure!  


The Time Timer and Stress Relief  

Managing your time well can have a huge impact on your stress levels. We hope these tips help you to feel your best in 2021!  



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