4 Resources to Teach Kids About Handwashing

4 Resources to Teach Kids About Handwashing


At Time Timer, we think that no matter the individual  experience with 2020, we all learned more than ever the importance of proper hand washing.  

Chances are that your home was like so many others with the question, “did you wash your hands?” echoing throughout the house. 

Even in The Incredibles house the same question was raised. “Did you wash your hands? With soap? Did you dry them?”  

Handwashing has always been so important, no matter the year, but the urgency of teaching kids the correct way to wash their hands seemed at an all time high.  

In order to get children to understand why it is so important to wash their hands and even more importantly, wash them properly, we think that educating children about the reasons it is so important to wash them is a good place to start.  

Sharing digestible pieces of information about what exactly handwashing does seems enough to encourage kids to take the hand washing step without being asked as often.  

Take a look at the blogs that we’ve rounded up that help teach your kids the importance of handwashing in a fun and exciting way!   

      1. Activities to Teach Kids about Germs 
      2. 10 Books about Handwashing and Healthy Hygiene Habits 
      3. Germ Busters Handwashing Game for Kids 


Time Timer has partnered with Eva C. Phillips, Ed.D. to develop a comprehensive Activity guide for teachers to aid in the education of handwashing for elementary aged children. The Activity Guide contains 5 interactive activities for teachers to use with students while teaching about proper handwashing techniques and includes recording sheet and activity templates throughout. 

4. Time Timer Handwashing Activity Guide 


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Time Timer WASH. This touchless visual timer makes hand washing fun and walks kids through each step of the process for an appropriate amount of time. 

A Time Timer user and a mom of a child with Autism told us,

“The Time Timer WASH has been such a breath of fresh air for our house, I don’t have to wonder if he is washing his hands because when I hear the fun song, I know he is washing them.” 

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