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Three Ways Our Mom Makes Every Moment Count

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

For the month of May we are letting students take over the blog! This week's is written by two sisters, Stella (age 12) and Scarlet (age 8). These two sisters live in Asheville. NC and they combined their talents to jointly tell us how their mom makes every moment count in their lives. 

About Stella and Scarlet

Time Timer Student Guest Blog Post

Scarlet: age 8, 2nd grade at Ira B. Jones Elementary School in Asheville, NC
I love to read to my dog, Dexter.  I love timing myself doing my math homework.  I am good at surfing!

Time Timer Student Guest Blog Post Stella

Stella: age 12, student at French Broad River Academy in Asheville, NC
My favorite food is fried rice.  I love to canoe, and my favorite animal is a whale.


Three Ways Our Mom Makes Every Moment Count 

My mom makes every moment count by putting deep thoughts into everything.  She stops to make sure that things go right so that in the long run things are easy. This makes it easy for all of us so that we can have a good time, and accomplish things.

My mom makes every moment count by buying organic food and making sure we stay healthy. She makes it so we feel good all the time, so we live our life pain, and worry free.

My mom makes every moment count by caring for us and showing love for us. She takes care of us, and goes above and beyond. We love her, and that makes it so that every moment with her is special. She helps us broaden our gratitude in life, and for her. She really cares about happiness and love in our household to help us in seeing every moment as a gift. She also makes sure were safe.

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