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These Six Gifts Will Help You & Your Friends Make the Most of Your Time

Posted by Natalie Hastings on

Most of us feel like time is in short supply, especially during the holidays. But we’re here to help you make every minute count this holiday season, starting with gift ideas to help your friends and family make the most of their time.

Roomba1. Roomba
As long as you don’t use it around a dog who has accidents inside the house, the iRobot Roomba robot vacuum can be a huge timesaver. If you pick up everything in your main living areas, it can operate while you sleep. Just don’t scare Santa! (About $325-350)

Artkive App2. Artkive App

Do you spend every Wednesday going through the school folder and decided which of your kids’ artwork or writings to keep? There are several smartphone apps that allow you to archived Aiden’s fifth-grade story or Emilia’s finger painting and organize, store and archive them in picture books. Artkive App is available on iTunes and Google Play, and you can share your kids’ archives to friends and family on Facebook.

(App currently free for a limited time. Archival books are available individually or via subscriptions.)


Friends and Family 20163. Time Timer ® MOD
You can have more time just by using your time more effectively--just ask devotees of our Time Timer ® MOD edition. You can use it to keep your work on track by limiting time spent on emails, monitor the progress of meetings, keep your cooking and baking on track and help your kids track their piano practice. The MOD edition has a removable silicone cover and is easy to transport. And for a limited time, it’s 30% off on our website!

($36.95; $26.17 during Friends and Family discount through December 14, 2016 with code FNF16).

TileApp4. Tile App

So now your artwork pile is organized, but you still can’t find your keys. Perhaps your spouse always loses the remote. Either way, the Tile App can help you save time you would have spent looking for life’s essentials. You can attach the tile to keys, backpacks or a favorite stuffed bear, and then call it from your smartphone device. Using Bluetooth technology, the tile will ring alerting you to the item’s location.  (1 pack, $25; 4 pack $70)





OXOGoodGrips5. Food Chopper
Sometimes useful inventions are quite simple and inexpensive, like this food chopper from Oxo Good Grips. The blades rotate for even chopping, and you can remove (and replace) the blade easily. (A big pet peeve of mine is spending more time cleaning a kitchen tool than the time it saved, so this is a big plus.) The best part: It’s dishwasher safe--another game-changing tool!  ($11.99 to $19.95)



6. Coffee Maker

Any machine that makes caffeinated beans magically transform into smooth, bold warm, life-giving liquid is not only a time saver but a life saver. If you don’t believe me, you’ve never seen me put my kids on the bus before coffee. This Cuisinart is reasonably priced considering all the benefits: You can pause the brewing process to pour that first cup! The hot plate is adjustable so you can choose the temperature you like to keep your coffee, and you can choose 1, 4 or 12 cups of coffee to brew. And of course, it is programmable with a self-cleaning option. Score!

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