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A Time Timer for Every Family Member

Posted by Natalie Hastings on

Our Friends and Family sale is here! To celebrate, we’ve got Time Timer ® gift ideas for every member of your family.


The Time Timer MOD ® Sprint Edition is recognized by the innovation experts at Google Ventures as their secret weapon for productive brainstorming and meetings. We created the Time Timer MOD Sprint Edition to complement Sprint, the book by Google Ventures’ Jake Knapp, which features the Time Timer. Each MOD Sprint Edition comes with a handy Quick Start Guide that highlights the key principles of a "design sprint" framework as developed by Google teams across the industry.


Every mom needs a Time Timer MOD with Dry Erase Board. Whether she spends her days working in the office or working from home, the Dry Erase Board can help Mom manage her to-do lists,or keep track of her reminders, like Sam’s orthodontist appointment at 1 or the PTA meeting at 7 p.m. The Dry Erase Board also has a caddy for markers, erasers and other essentials. If she doesn’t already have a MOD, they are 30% off during our friends and family promotion!


The portability and rugged nature of the Time Timer Plus makes it perfect for her to take to time circuit training, swim laps, or to keep track of time at ballet practices. Plus, she’ll like our latest white version--it goes with everything.


The Timer Timer Watch Plus can help him keep track of how much time is left on a long car trip, or remind what time he needs to come home from playing kickball at Charlie’s house. He can also use it at school to track how much time remains on a test or how long he has for recess.

The Baby

The Each Minute, Every Moment book can help your youngest learn how to tell time and to understand how much time it takes for various activities. He can manipulate the clock hands as you read along with him, and the story helps him learn about household routines.



Our Friends and Family sale offers 30% off of every Time Timer MOD while supplies last.  Offer expires December 14, 2016. Just use code, “FNF16.”


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