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Gift Jan’s Favorites this Holiday Season

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

Are you a fan of the Time Timer inventor and founder, Jan Rogers? Now you can shop directly from Jan’s Gift Guide. Share Jan’s favorites with your loved ones!  


Jan’s Favorite for Teachers:  

Time Timer MOD – Home Edition


“Right price point for teacher gift, color choices, great for teacher personal use at school or home.” 


Jan’s Favorite for Friends:  

Time Timer TWIST


“I would combine it with another kitchen utensil to make it a special personalized gift.” 


Jan’s Favorite for a Parent:  

Time Timer Original 8” or 12”


“To help manage family routines and meet deadlines.” 


Jan’s Favorite for a Child:  

Time Timer PLUS Family


“Depending on the age of the child you can choose your duration. The design and handle make it a very child-friendly option.” 


Jan’s All Time Favorite Time Timer!! 

Time Timer Original 8”


“My favorite Time Timer is the very first “original” Time Timer Original that I put together and got to see it work the way it was meant to. Seeing the concept come to life was amazing and that Time Timer has a place in my personal collection.” 



We hope this helps you think of those last-minute gift ideas for the ones you love. Happy holiday shopping season! 


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