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“Timely” Gift Ideas and an Appearance on CBS Saturday Morning!

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


Everyone at Time Timer is excited about the arrival of the holiday season and sharing some unique gift ideas with you. Even more, we’re especially thrilled to share that Time Timer and our inventor and founder, Jan Rogers, are spotlighted in an upcoming episode of CBS Saturday Morning! The segment featuring Time Timer, an excerpt from the network’s The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation program, will air the morning of December 11 on CBS and affiliate stations nationwide. Or, because the segment first aired in October, you may also view it here on YouTube.   


Jan Discussing How Valuable Visual Timers are

Jan Rogers and Alie Ward


Earlier this fall, Innovation Nation producers expressed interest in Time Timer products and we arranged to spend time with their production crew at our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was so much fun, and we’re delighted to have this amazing opportunity to introduce such a wide audience of viewers to our visual timers. Founder Jan Rogers, her son Dave Rogers, Daughter-in-Law Heather Rogers, president of Time Timer, and Time Timer’s director of marketing Christen Barbercheck spent time with correspondent Alie Ward discussing the history of our company and how visual timers can help so many different people. 

The segment itself is part of a regular episode of, “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation”, a weekly Saturday morning show on CBS. According to its website, this program, “…showcases present-day change-makers from all over the world who are creating solutions to real needs.” The weekly show is hosted by news correspondents and CBS Sunday Morning regular Mo Rocca.  


According to The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn, Michigan, “Each episode presents stories related to the process of innovation and also includes one story on The Henry Ford—its Archive of American Innovation, its unique visitor experiences, and unparalleled expertise. The intent is to stimulate curiosity and to inspire audiences with entertaining yet educational stories about yesterday and today’s visionaries and turning points that changed the course of history, as well as innovations and inventions that are changing the world today.” 

Created over 25 years ago, Time Timer is honored to keep company with some of America’s most amazing inventions and inventors on this great program. Be sure to tune-in to CBS Saturday Morning on December 11 and watch Innovation Nation correspondent Alie Ward chat with our own Jan Rogers and learn all about the invention process and continued success of the original visual timer! 


Looking for a few extra holiday gift ideas? Time Timer has you covered! 

Like it or not, keeping track and managing time is a part of everyone’s life – from children to adults. But at Time Timer, we know our amazing and practical visual timers can make it fun and productive, too. 

Is there an adult on your gift list living with ADHD? Many of us know too well it’s not just for kids, as some may believe. Adult ADHD, like any ADHD diagnosis, requires strategies for living well and productively despite the challenges it can throw your way. Give your loved one the gift of visual time management with Time Timer. Visual timers can help adults and children with ADHD break up seemingly overwhelming tasks into smaller ones, help you keep track of time segments for staying on-task and increasing productivity, and simply help you get out the door on time every morning. 

If you have an active friend or family member who is always on the go, consider the Time Timer Watch PLUS® in small and large versions. Designed to keep our famous disappearing red disk in view at all times, this watch delivers convenience, accuracy, and time management all in one!  
Time Timer Watch PLUS®


Time Timer PLUS® 120 Minute Make Time Edition
Another great gift idea – Time Timer PLUS® 120 Minute Make Time Edition, along with a book by our favorite collaborators, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. Knapp and Zeratsky are co-authors of the self-help work, Make Time. This top-rated book shares with readers how to create time for what matters most in their lives. The authors discuss methods and ideas that encourage us to rethink the defaults of constant “busyness” and distraction. That’s why the 120 Minute PLUS® timer is the perfect companion for this book, which also includes a special notepad to help you put the book’s principles into practice. 


Need a free 1-hour timer to get you started on your holiday shopping? Check out our online version here. 



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