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Five Ways to Make Summer Homework More Fun

Posted by Natalie Hastings on

While summer brings fun in the sun and a more relaxed schedule, it can also bring summer reading and homework assignments. Whether it’s book reports or math, here are some tips to help make summer homework as engaging as possible.

1. Tailor assignments to your child’s interests, if possible. While it’s true that most students would rather not be doing homework over the summer, it has become a necessary part of education. If your child’s school has a flexible reading list or allows a choice of reading material, help your child choose books that reflect their interests. A sports fan might enjoy reading a biography of Kevin Durant instead of a fiction book, while Hamilton fans might like Alex and Eliza: A Love Story

Five Ways to Make Summer Homework More Fun2. Work outside. When the weather is nice, set up a work area on the porch or patio to enjoy the fresh air while they complete their assignments. The novelty of doing schoolwork outside can also make a nice change.

3. Break the time up to make it go by faster. Using a tool like Time Timer ® 20 MIN (Mom's Choice Silver Award winner), break the work up into smaller segments to make it go by faster. Try 20 minutes of reading followed by 20 minutes of writing, or just setting the timer for 45 minutes of uninterrupted reading time. When the red disk disappears, homework time is over for the day.

4. Work with friends. Depending on the assignment, working with friends could make the whole thing more enjoyable. Gather to complete an assignment, or to discuss a shared book. Afterward, serve refreshments or head to the pool.

5. Come up with a rewards system for motivation. For every segment of reading or assignments completed, have a reward in place. Daily readings could be rewarded with something small, while weekly ones could be rewarded with a new game or outing with friends.





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