Four Ways to Give Mom a Break This Mother’s Day

Four Ways to Give Mom a Break This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching—it’s Sunday, May 14 in the US and Canada, by the way—and it’s time to start thinking about how you can best show your appreciation. Flowers, cards, and gifts are some of the ways people show their mothers how much they care, but there’s one gift every mother can appreciate: time. You can even use your Time Timer ®  to help give Mom the break she deserves this Mother’s Day.


Here’s how:

  1. Cook breakfast. Mom would surely appreciate a pre-cooked breakfast, whether it’s served in bed or at the table. The Time Timer makes an excellent kitchen timer since it’s easy for small hands to set as they help you in the kitchen.
  2. Give the house a good cleaning. Let Mom plant herself on the couch with a good book, then take over the job of tidying up. Divide up the chores to be done, then set the Time Timer to help the process move along quickly—set it for 15 minutes for dusting, then 15 again for sweeping, etc.
  3. Keep the schedule on track. Does Mom usually do all the hard work of making sure everyone’s ready to get out the door on time? Before heading out to lunch, set the Time Timer to show exactly how much time everyone has to get ready to leave. This will give Mom time to relax, instead of trying to get everyone else ready to go.
  4. Let Mom have a whole hour of quiet time. Set the Time Timer for one hour, and then keep everyone in the house engaged in a quiet activity (cleaning up outside?) until the time elapses. She’ll appreciate the chance to relax, breathe and clear her head in any way she chooses, by enjoying a television show or even just taking a nice, soothing bath.

No matter what way you choose to celebrate, Mom is sure to feel appreciated and loved. Time Timer wishes a Happy Mother’s Day to moms and honorary moms everywhere!

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