Create a Time Timer Classroom!

Create a Time Timer Classroom!

Time Timer Classroom is an amazingly productive place.

It's a classroom where students can visualize time, understand it as a concept, and learn to manage it effectively. If you've taken advantage of Time Timer's Back-to-School Special, then you've heard how thousands of teachers worldwide prefer this visual approach to time

  • Young children can watch the Timer and anticipate when class will switch from math to recess to silent reading and test time, reducing behavior problems. 
  • College, high school and junior high students can complete standardized tests, group projects and creative assignments with more independence. 
  • Students with special needs can engage with a quiet visual timer – no noisy ticking or distracting numerical countdown.

So how can schools really maximize their Time Timers? What does a true Time Timer Classroom look like?


The most effective Time Timer Classrooms use a Goldilocks approach – deploying three sizes of timers to find that "just right" fit.

The Big Time

Whiteboard - compatible Time Timer Software projects a massive visual countdown that everyone can watch. Use it for:

  • Standardized testing with hundreds of students in a single room,
  • Science labs (add the optional numerical countdown to help everyone focus)
  • Gym class, art class, orchestra and other loud high-octane environments!

Big Learning: Your students may be too little to tell time, but they can still use a Time Timer! Even preschoolers can see time elapsing and start learning to pace themselves. 

Little by Little

A 3-inch Time Timer helps teachers give students individual attention, even in overcrowded classrooms. Use it for:

  • Special needs students (in one-on-one tutoring, therapy or integration into mainstream classes)
  • Gifted students who want to work ahead with more independence
  • Teacher planning periods: prepare lesson plans and take a breather during the hectic day!

A Little Tip: Time Timers give children tremendous indepence. But make sure the teacher is the only one allowed to set the Timer – they're tools, not toys!

Happy Medium

Thousands of teachers worldwide use the 8-inch middle-sized Timer as their classroom timer. It's the best-selling model because it's ideal for home, outdoors and all-ages classrooms. Use it for:

  • Teacher-Moms who balance time between the classroom and their own kids!
  • Creative exercises like art class, free journaling and Socratic seminars. 
  • Detention (where time just crawls)


Thanks for exploring Time Timer Classrooms!


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