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Time Timer for Testing: Less Stressful, More Successful!

Posted by Heather Rogers on

As the end of the school year approaches, many schools have end-of-the-year testing and standardized exams. The Time Timer is a GREAT resource for learning time management skills in a testing situation. 

If you just bought a Time Timer for your classroom: 

+ Start by using the Time Timer for non-stressful activities, like games, hands-on work and positive reinforcement.

+ Next, introduce the Time Timer during practice tests. Try to use the same age-appropriate amount of time for each practice so that your students build their internal clock. Then, when you say, “You have 30 minutes left,” they’ll have a strong intuitive idea of what that means.

+ On test day, use the Time Timer for 5 - 10 minutes of quiet time before the test starts to help prepare for the exam. 

+ Because all Time Timer operate nearly silently, you can have one running during the exam without creating a distracting or stressful ticking sound. Students will be able to quickly glance up and see how much time they have left. No matter how young they are, you'll be surprised at how quickly they get good at this!

If you’ve used a Time Timer in your classroom all year:

+ Your students already understand how to visualize time and gauge their progress! 

+ Identify any students who may still be having time management challenges and work with them to better understand the Time Timer or find a fitting solution – like the Time Timer Watch PLUS, which offers a vibrating reminder in addition to the visual cue. 

+ Practice key timing skills that will help your students complete exams efficiently. For example:

  • Strategize how to use the last ten minutes of your test time. Should you check the work you’ve done, or try to finish the rest as quickly as possible?
  • Discuss and practice different test-taking approaches. Should you answer all the questions you know first, or move through the test questions in order, or tackle the difficult problems right away?
  • Discuss and practice how to take a “brain break” during the test if they're feeling overwhelmed – without losing focus on what you’re doing.

If you’re considering a Time Timer for your classroom: 

+ Visit timetimer.com/store to view the different sizes and models. 

+ Remember that time is relative – especially for children. Grasping the basic concept of time takes years, and developing time management skills can take a lifetime. Testing with a Time Timer can help students feel more confident about their ability to master the task.

Questions about how a Time Timer can help you in the classroom? 

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