Time Timer Sustainability Team

Time Timer has a team committed to sustainability. The Time Timer Sustainability Team’s purpose is to look at how Time Timer can lessen negative impacts on our environment and help empower people to respect human rights and support social development.

The Time Timer Sustainability Team meets each month to maintain current initiatives and continue to brainstorm more ways that Time Timer can make a positive impact on the environment, economy, and community.


Time Timer Code of Ethics

“It is an important topic, to inquire about the working conditions at the factories that Time Timer works with to manufacture our goods. In addition to a Time Timer employee visiting each of our manufacturing partners at least once per year, we request and review social compliance audits conducted by an independent third party from each factory. We are confident that we are currently working with reputable businesses in China that share our beliefs about the importance of the well-being of the factory employees.” -Heather Rogers, Time Timer Co-President

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