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4 Ways to Use Time Timer in the Classroom

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


For teachers, Time Timer countdown timers are an essential tool in the classroom. We have previously shared a few techniques to try a visual timer in the classroom, including taking brain breaks, for timed tasks or independent work time,  to build confident students, and for overall classroom management.  

Now, we’re back with four more ways to use your Time Timer in the classroom, from start to finish! 

1. Start the day 
Help students as they arrive at the beginning of the day by setting the Time Timer for 5 minutes as soon as the bell rings. This supports students in getting settled in the classroom and into their seats with materials ready, and for teachers to take attendance. 
2. Centers and group work  
Use the Time Timer to ease any transition in the classroom and to keep everyone on track as they get ready for and switch centers, participate in group work, or put materials away before the next activity.   
3. Reading time  
Teachers know how beneficial daily reading time is. Give students a visual representation of time for their daily reading to reduce the need for verbal cues and allow students to fully immerse themselves in reading with a clear visual of how much time is left.  
4. Finish the day 
Set the Time Timer for a mindful minute anytime a calming moment for breath or rest might be suitable, or use the Time Timer for a fun daily clean up with students that they will come to anticipate and enjoy.  


We love to learn how our customers are using Time Timer in their classrooms. Share your ideas with us on our social channels or email support@timetimer.com



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