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Using Time Timer to Support Eldercare

Posted by Jenna Ahern on


Eldercare, especially that including Alzheimer’s, is one of the most essential human services in the world.  

People who are in eldercare, have family in eldercare, or are themselves occupational therapists (OTs) are always on the lookout for better ways to improve the caretaking experience.  

This is certainly true for people with Alzheimer’s, where around-the-clock care is considered essential.  

Like with other conditions that limit or take away the independence of the person, Alzheimer’s requires the highest level of caretaking service. Caretakers need methods for ensuring that the older individual stays safe and healthy throughout the day.  


Including Time Timer in Eldercare Strategies 

Something that everyone can benefit from in eldercare is encouraging independence and supporting autonomy for the older individual. Doing this can keep the person strong and healthy, as well as happy. 

Some of the tools that can be used to achieve this are included in our Time Timer product line.  

These visual timers can be used by older individuals at all different levels of care.  


The Time Timer Watch: Portable and Versatile 

Our Time Timer Watch can be perfect for anyone who needs daily consistent reminders, whether it is for exercise or taking medication.  

These watches come with multiple time-telling options, such as having the patented red disk elapse on the digital interface, or having a traditional analog clock run down.  

Alarms, repeat reminders, and timed disk elapses can all be done with this watch, allowing for a portable solution to all of your needs.  


Larger Time Timer Products for Easy Visual Reminders 

For older individuals whose vision is not what it once was, the larger Time Timer Original 12” timer can be great to keep around the house.  

Keeping track of activities is made easy with the large red disk that serves as a constant, unambiguous reminder of just how much time is left in an activity.  


Time Timer WASH Keeps Older Individuals Healthy 

It is no secret that growing old makes you more vulnerable to a host of diseases.  

As a result, it becomes more important than ever to practice good hygiene.  

One of the best solutions to this is implementing the Time Timer WASH products in the senior’s living area.  

These products help ensure that an older individual is keeping up with good health practices, even in the absence of occupational therapists, family members, or other caretakers.  

Whether it is in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink, a Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser can be instrumental in ensuring that good handwashing practices are kept up.  

Too many people of all ages practice poor hand hygiene. For instance, they may squirt a dollop of soap on their palm and then splash their hands under water for just a few seconds.  

The reality is that proper handwashing technique includes at least twenty seconds of rinsing your hands—i.e., wetting your soaped up hands and rubbing them together without the water running.  

What the Time Timer WASH products do is ensure that the user is practicing good handwashing techniques, from making the most of the soap to washing for the prescribed twenty seconds.  

You can also check out the Time Timer WASH - Touchless Handwashing Timer if you do not want the soap dispenser.  


More Great Time Management Products from Time Timer  

We are proud to offer products that help older individuals get the most out of their care experience.  

Time Timer products have been essential for creating success in homes and classrooms around the world, with a variety of uses for Time Timer products for people with special needs.  

Check out the rest of the Time Timer products, which includes the Time Timer Wash, a great handwashing aid for creating a healthier school or home environment. 


The Time Timer Blog 

Want more information about time management, education, child-rearing, special needs, Time Timer products, and more? Follow our blog on the Time Timer site!  

See some of our selected blogs here:  


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