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Tips for Mastering Time Management at Work from Time Timer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


The workplace can be a place of rewards, trials, and errors, but, for anyone who has ever worked somewhere where the phrase “time is money” feels like a reality instead of a cliché. The workplace can certainly be a place that causes a lot of stress.  

Much of this stress can have something to do with deadlines, intensive projects, difficulties in cooperation and conflicts within the workplace, and other things.  

What we are going to do is break down some time management tips that can make the workday much less stressful. Naturally, these solutions will include one of the best time-management tools of all: The Time Timer.  


Use the Time Timer to Have More Productive Group Meetings 

When many key players on your team are called into a meeting, the hope is that no one feels like their time is being wasted. 

However, even the most important meetings have the potential to drag on longer than they need to, which can lead to more things than just boredom.  

Setting a time limit for, say, someone’s presentation, so that it does not drag on too long and cut into other’s presentations, can be made easy with Time Timer. The Time Timer has a huge, readily-visible disk that gradually disappears as time goes on, allowing people to know whether they need to speed it up or, perhaps, slow it down.  

This way, people do not spend too much of their day in meetings and can get back to work and still have a productive day. Making the Time Timer a regular feature of meetings can also get your workers used to the idea of communicating as efficiently as possible, which can help when dealing with clients and customers.  

Want to have some time at the end of the meeting for questions? Set your preferred amount of time on the Time Timer, and let everyone ask what they want in that time span, with the understanding that the floor will close at the end of it, and that it is back to work once that is over.  


Divide and Conquer Your Tasks and Projects with the Time Timer 

Let’s say you have a project at work due by the end of the week. Perhaps you have multiple projects due, and you are stressed about how to best organize your workday to tackle these many projects.  

What you can do is bring out a Time Timer, and set, say, a 2-hour block using our 120-minute Time Timer to work on a single project over that time period. Maybe even set the Time Timer out of your immediate vision, along with your phone, so that you are at some distance from these distracting elements.  

All you need to tell yourself is this: When the 2 hours that I have set on that Time Timer is up, I will hear an alarm. Until I hear that alarm, I will work with focus and precision on the task at hand, only checking my phone or the Time Timer visual timer disk if necessary.  

That way, your mind will be singularly focused on the progress you are making, rather than the time that is passing.  

When the alarm goes off, take a quick break, then set the timer again, and get to work on your next task, with the same level of focus.  

The point of this divide-and-conquer exercise is to allow you to not have time and deadlines be the center of your attention, but productivity and progress. By block-scheduling your workday, you manage to free yourself from worry and disorganization.  


Small Head-Clearing Breaks with the Time Timer 

Burnout is one of the biggest issues in the workplace, and the way to prevent it is to do small things that prevent exhaustion and overworking yourself.  

Here is something simple, and helpful, that you can do: Set your Time Timer for just a few minutes on your desk, and take a quick break.  

Don’t stare at your screen or go down an Instagram scroll-binge, but, rather, do something calming, and simple, in that interval, such as organizing your desk, or cleaning your area.  

Your mind during will be cleared during this break and, guess what, when you get back to the task at hand, you will find that the increased focus makes you a more efficient worker, ultimately saving you more time in the workday!  


Manage Your Time with Time Timer! 

Looking for a great device to manage time in the office? Be sure to check out our assortment of Time Timer products so that you can find the time-management tool that is right for you, and make the best and most efficient use of your time!  

For other questions about the Time Timer, do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask about our many products and their uses! 


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