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Three Places You Should Use the New Time Timer® Dry Erase Board

Posted by Heather Rogers on

For more than 20 years, people have relied on the Time Timer® to increase productivity, ease transitions for kids and make every moment count. Now, you can enhance your Time Timer® MOD with the new Dry Erase Board, available now.

At Work

We increasingly find managers, creatives and productivity junkies using the Time Timer® at work. Now, you can make it better with the Dry Erase Board. It works great on your desk, to list tasks to finish before lunch, or in meetings, where you can display the agenda and ensure you cover all the topics. If your business is all-hands-on-deck to ship out a new product, or answer phones after the catalog drops, then this timer can remind employees of the call script, or the list of contents for a kit they are assembling. You can also use the Dry Erase Board in brainstorms; even if your meeting space features a white-board wall, the Time Timer® Dry Erase Board can help teammates concentrate on the main challenges your session addresses, while keeping the sense of urgency the timer creates. The marker caddy enables you to take the board anywhere your meetings go.

In the Classroom

Teachers love the Time Timer®, and now they can pair it with messages for their kids or themselves. For a timed exam, teachers can write notes of encouragement to students, “You’ve got this!” or important reminders like, “Re-read your questions before answering.” Teachers can also list tasks for students to complete during morning meeting, or reminders about what students need to do before they leave each day. Teachers will also find the Dry Erase Board useful for themselves, with task reminders for school-year prep, “Create unit plans” or “Write intro letter,” to reminders for the last day of school to close their room for the summer. Or, perhaps a countdown of days left in school!

At Home

Jan Rogers invented the Time Timer® for at-home use, to help her daughter keep track of time in the morning. Now, the Time Timer® Dry Erase Board can enhance your at-home use. Whether it’s jotting down a bedtime routine, homework reminders or chores to do, your kids will enjoy checking off their tasks before time runs out.


The Time Timer® Dry Erase Board works with the Time Timer® MOD. Don’t have one? Pick one up today at 25% off with the code MODCOLOR, now through June 30.


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