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The Best 5 Tools for the Montessori Environment

Posted by Jenna Ahern on


Whether you’re creating or updating a Montessori play space at home or in the classroom, there are a few tools that can make a big difference for children to play, learn, and thrive.  

Here are our 5 favorite tools for the Montessori environment:

1. Wooden Building Block Set 

Block sets allow kids to use their imagination to come up with many different structures. Playing with blocks offers a big boost for fine motor skills and creativity, and is a big hit for both independent and cooperative play.  


2. Kids Broom and Mop Cleaning Set 

Children love to be helpers, and tools like this cleansing set develop fine motor skills and confidence while allowing kids to play solo or alongside a grown up.  


3. Rainbow stacker 

Rainbow stackers are great for kids to learn colors, develop logic and reasoning, and be imaginative in what they create.  


4. Screwdriver Board Set 

Screwdriver sets are another great practical tool that allow kids to help and learn how to use each item, while improving fine motor skills.  


5. Time Timer Visual Timer 

Wrapping things up with a bow. The Time Timer visual timers are helpful in Montessori classrooms and play spaces to show children an accurate visual representation of passing time that doesn’t require an understanding of numbers and time.  

Use the Time Timer visual timer in a Montessori environment to help foster independent learning, transition between activities, promote self-regulation, and encourage grace and courtesy.  


For more tips on using the Time Timer in a Montessori environment, check out our Montessori page we created just for you!  


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