Teachers Tell Us How the New (And Giant!) Time Timer MAX Fits Into Their Classrooms

Teachers Tell Us How the New (And Giant!) Time Timer MAX Fits Into Their Classrooms

The Time Timer MAX is the biggest Time Timer yet – it’s 17”! And to add to it, it’s also 8 durations in one timer. It includes variable volume control for the alert, a dry erase face (along with 5 other duration faces) and colored set markers that are perfect for time blocking. Which makes the Time Timer Max the perfect classroom timer!  What can you do with such a big Time Timer? The possibilities are endless!

We are personally very proud of the Time Timer MAX, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We sent the Time Timer MAX out to teachers everywhere to test it out. They came up with all sorts of uses for it, including in gymnasiums, auditoriums, large classrooms, cafeterias, and recess. In addition, the set markers make a perfect way to divide up classroom activities.

We’ve collected their feedback for this blog post.

Here are three different ways that teachers told us they were using it!


1. Use it to get the entire class focused and started right away.

“I used the Time Timer MAX for student warm-ups and for writing prompts in my middle school classes.  Every day, right when students enter, they spend 10-15 minutes writing whatever they want, to get their creative juices flowing.  They are expected to write until the timer goes off.  Having the Time Timer MAX has allowed students in all parts of the room to clearly see how much time they have left and to keep them motivated and on-task with a visual reminder. (Also, kids really like to set it!)” Ms. Miller 6th-12th grade language arts teacher


2. Use it in the Gymnasium.

As an Elementary PE Teacher in Austin, Paula Bowen gave us an entire list of ways to use this in her PE Class!

  • Beginning and ending of class
  • Last ____ minutes of class to cover current health topic
  • During student led circuit training-transitions
  • During station practice
  • Designated amount of game play/rotation of students into play
  • Peace corner/self-regulator
  • Class segmentation (warm up, skill intro, skill practice, activity, cool down, health topic)
  • Morning runners club – time on track, how much time remaining
  • Performance measurement (How many can you do in ......)
  • Interval training (Tabata-HIIT)
  • Jump rope challenge for time - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, minute challenge to gain membership in that level

List provided by Paula Bowan, Elementary PE Teacher


3. Use the Set Markers and Dry Erase Timer Face to break up the class period into manageable segments and ease the transitions between activities.

Our class periods are 54 minutes. At the start of class I just set it to 54 minutes. I used the dry erase surface and the set markers to communicate times to start activities such as ‘clean-up’” – Mr. Barbercheck, Industrial Arts/CAD/Spanish Educator


5 Favorite Features

Of the teachers that tested the MAX, we asked them what their favorite features were. Here is what they had to say.

1. The Dry Erase Face

“I really like the dry-erase face, so you can personalize it with different activities – this may be beneficial to teachers who run “centers” that require students to transition from activity to activity.” – Ms. Miller

Time Timer MAX Set Markers - Time Dividers

2. Set Markers

While most teachers told us they really enjoyed using the set markers to divide class time and groupwork, one teacher had a unique use for them. “I liked putting the [set markers] on it to show angle rotations and angle measurements.” – Ms. Sexton, 4th Grade Teacher, used Time Timer MAX mostly in Math Class

Time Timer MAX Volume Setting

3. Volume Control

“The setting on how loud it can be is extremely useful” – Nick Bruno, 9th-12th English, Math, Physical Science and Lifeskills

Time Timer Duration Setting

4. Short and Long Durations

“The multiple face setting, and the ability to create one’s own, is very good and makes it applicable to individual, small and large groups.” – Jim Rich, former Adapted Physical Education Consultant for North Carolina and PE Specialist

Time Timer MAX Large Classroom Timer

 5. The Size

“It’s huge. Can’t miss it from anywhere in the room which is nice. I also like the beep [that can be] loud. It doesn’t get drowned out in the general noise of the classroom.” – Jessie Chin, K-5 Special Ed Teacher


Interested in learning more about the Time Timer MAX? This Giant Classroom Timer is the perfect solution to your classroom management needs. Visit timetimer.com/max to order today! 

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