Product Spotlight: The Time Timer Watch

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Ever been on a run or in a workout and wanted quickly and easily check how long you’ve been exercising? Or wish you had a simple productivity-increasing tool that you can conveniently keep on your wrist at all times? How about a repeating timer that you can keep on you to remind you of important tasks such as taking medications?  

Or do you or a loved one have ADHD, autism, or other cognitive variances that makes it hard to tell time, and wish there was a small and portable tool for overcoming time-telling issues in any situation?  

Well, then we most certainly have the product for you at Time Timer: Introducing the new and improved Time Timer Watch 

That’s right, one of our most popular items here at Time Timer has gotten an upgrade, and we are so glad at the response we have gotten so far from our customers who have made this a best-selling Time Timer!  

Want to know why this lightweight and water-resistant product has become a favorite item to so many Time Timer customers? Read on below to learn why! 

Suitable for All Styles 

The Time Timer Watch is available in a variety of colors, offering you the perfect product for the office, a hike, or other activity where setting easily-visible timers helps the task at hand.  

Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose between whether you want a work- or gym-friendly Time Timer Watch, because the soft silicone band can be removed and replaced with any of our accessory colors, so you can find the right color for any situation.  


Set Timers for Any Task 

With the Time Timer Watch, you can set the timer for up to 99 minutes.  

You can also set repeats, so if you want to divide your workout or workday into equal time segments, then all you need to do is set the timer for repeat, and let the watch do the rest without you having to press “reset”. 


Appropriate for Any Situation 

You can set your Time Timer Watch to a vibrate alert, an audio alert, both an audio and vibration alert, or no alert, if you do not want to disturb anyone around you when your Time Timer Watch reaches its limit.  

In all modes, you can see any alarms or timers that you have set. If you are in a dark place, you can use the backlight button to make the screen more visible.  


Multiple Modes 

The Time Timer Mode has a rundown of our patented red disk in digital form, serving as a visual reminder of just how much longer you have left in a task. 

In Custom Timer Mode, you can set the red disk to elapse from any amount of time, the red disk representing a whole fraction of that time period. You can set a timer for 1 minute or 99 minutes. We recommend this for long tasks.  

In Original Timer Mode, the red disk is set for an hour. This is recommended for tasks that last between 10 to 60 minutes.  

You can also set an alarm on the watch, which will go off at a specific time during the day. Note that you cannot set multiple alarms during the day, but you could configure the custom repeating timer to fit your schedule, if possible.  

Lastly, there is the classic clock mode, which has both the numeric digits and the digital display of a clock that offers a quick visual representation of what time it is.  

All you need to do to switch is to press the Mode button on the watch, and you will easily be able to switch!  

How to Use the Time Timer Watch 

The Time Timer Watch is easy to use, and setting an alarm, the Time Timer rundown, or the time itself are all made simple with a few clicks of a button on the Time Timer Watch.  

When you are on the mode you want, press and hold the “Set” button for three seconds.  

If setting an alarm, use the + and - buttons to switch to the desired time. Then, press “next” to choose the type of alert you want.  

Once you have done that, you press “set” to confirm the alarm.  

For the Time Timer option, you can press the Mode button to set the timer type, and then press and hold Set to set the time rundown with the + and - buttons.  

In Clock mode, all you need to do is press and hold Set for three seconds, use the  + and - buttons to set the time, then press mode to set the clock format and meridian. Then, press Set to confirm the time.  


Take a Time Timer Visual Timer Everywhere with the Time Timer Watch 

Want to learn more about the Time Timer Watch or our other great products that are useful for people of all ages and abilities? Get in contact with us! 

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