Our Favorite Academic Planners for the School Year

Our Favorite Academic Planners for the School Year

The new school year is quickly approaching, and we’re looking ahead to help teachers and students prepare and get organized for a great start! Here are our favorite academic planners to stay on track throughout the year and make every moment count. 


1. Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner

The Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner is a new favorite of ours and truly covers everything for kids. It is a non-traditional visual planner set up to help keep each of your child’s subjects and assignments clearly organized to make sure nothing gets missed. Packed with thoughtful details, this planner is perfect for all students, particularly those who may have trouble staying focused from task to task. With extra space on the weekly outlook for afterschool activities and weekends, your child is empowered to complete all assignments on time, and make time for fun as well. The planner also includes sections for major projects and long-term assignments to help plan ahead.  



2. Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal is a crowd favorite for users of all ages for good reason. This journal is designed to be used by logging information in bulleted lists using the Bullet Journal Method, which is briefly outlined in the back of the notebook but also much more deeply explained in the Bullet Journal Method book, written by creator Ryder Carroll. Carroll created this method as a way to keep his mind focused as he learned to be productive despite his own learning disabilities. The Bullet Journal Method has attracted a wide following, especially for those who struggle with focus issues, due to its unique organizational method. 



3. Moleskine 18 Month Planner

Moleskine 18 Month Planners are a classic and these planners are a great option for kids and adults who may need a little help keeping things organized. If your child does a good job of keeping on top of daily tasks and homework but needs a bit of help keeping track of bigger and longer-term projects, these planners are a great option. Covering a full school year until the following December, these planners are offered in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly options, allowing you to pick the one that best fits your individual needs and level of detail. If you’re looking for a planner with a bit of character, check out the Limited Edition Collection as well. 



Take some time to consider for yourself, or to discuss with your child, your plan to keep focused and on track this year with classes. We hope these ideas will spark some conversations and ideas, whether encouraging your child to help them stay organized in the new school year, or as a teacher setting yourself up for success in the classroom. Bonus points for time management: add a Time Timer visual timer to your daily routines to help you stay on track with your well-planned schedule.  



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