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National Assistive Technology Day with Time Timer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

National Assistive Technology Day is a time to recognize the transformative impact of technology in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities.  

One remarkable story that exemplifies the positive influence of assistive technology is the journey of Jan Rogers, the founder of Time Timer.   

In this article, we'll explore Jan Roger's inspiring story and the evolution of Time Timer as a valuable tool in the realm of assistive technology. 


Jan Rogers' Journey: A Passion for Inclusivity 

Jan Rogers, the inventor of the Time Timer visual timer, has long been fueled by a passion for inclusivity and a commitment to supporting individuals with special needs.  

Her personal experiences with raising a child who faced challenges in understanding the concept of time led her to seek a solution that could bridge this gap. 

Jan's dedication to making a difference in the lives of those with time perception problems, which can include people with special needs, drove her to create a visual timer that would provide a clear and intuitive representation of time.  

Struggles with time perception can have a negative impact on a wide range of things, from task management to mental health in general. Representing time spent as visual information can have a great impact for those who struggle to track time. 

The result of her efforts was the Time Timer visual timer, a groundbreaking tool designed to help individuals of all ages and abilities manage their time more effectively. 

Since then, the Time Timer line has expanded to include visual timers fit for a diverse amount of settings and needs, staying true to the original vision of inclusivity.  


What Is National Assistive Technology (AT) Awareness Day?  

National AT Awareness Day is an opportunity to celebrate and draw attention to the fact that so many people worldwide depend on assistive technology to thrive.  

By shining a light on this, everyone from regulators to tech industry executives can deepen their understanding of how assistive technology can make the world a better place for people with disabilities along with older adults.  

Time Timer is proud to offer products that can be included under the category of assistive technology. Time perception can be fundamental to effectiveness in personal and professional spaces, so we are proud to allow for better time perception for those who need it.  


Time Timer: Visual Assistive Technology 

A Time Timer visual timer is more than just a clock or timer. This is a visual and inclusive time management tool that can be especially helpful for those with time perception problems.  

Its distinctive design features a disk that gradually disappears as time elapses, providing a clear and intuitive representation of the passage of time.  

This visual approach makes it particularly effective for individuals who may struggle with traditional clocks or those who benefit from a more concrete understanding of time. 


Key Features of Time Timer 

  • Visual Representation: The elapsing disk provides a visual countdown, helping users grasp the concept of time passing.  
  • Customizable Durations: Time Timer products are flexible with customizable time durations. This makes each one suitable for various activities and needs. 
  • Quiet Operation: The timer operates silently, avoiding disruptive ticks, making it ideal for sensitive environments. An optional alarm at the end of the countdown can be silenced for a purely visual experience.  
  • Portable Design: Available in various sizes, including portable options, Time Timer products can be easily incorporated into different settings – from classrooms to homes. 


Applications in Assistive Technology 

Time Timer has found widespread applications in the field of assistive technology, positively impacting individuals with various cognitive and developmental challenges.  

In special education settings, Time Timer products are valuable for teachers working with students who may have difficulty understanding traditional clocks.  

The visual representation helps students grasp the concept of time intervals for activities and transitions. 

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often benefit from visual support. Visual timers can create predictable routines and manage transitions, reducing anxiety and promoting a smoother daily experience. 

For individuals with ADHD or executive function challenges, our visual timers serve as a practical tool to enhance time management skills. It provides a tangible way to visualize the passage of time, aiding in task completion. 

In speech and language therapy sessions, a visual timer can help therapists structure activities within defined timeframes. It becomes a helpful tool for both therapists and clients. 

Time Timer products can extend their impact into daily life, assisting individuals in managing daily routines, chores, and activities. It promotes independence and a sense of control over time-related tasks. 


Celebrating National Assistive Technology Day 

On National Assistive Technology Day, we celebrate the incredible impact of tools like Time Timer products in promoting inclusivity, independence, and improved quality of life for individuals with disabilities.  

Jan Rogers' dedication to creating a visual and intuitive time management tool has left a lasting legacy, positively influencing countless lives. 

As we acknowledge the evolution of Time Timer and its applications in the realm of assistive technology, let us continue to champion innovation that enhances accessibility, understanding, and empowerment for individuals of all abilities. National Assistive Technology Day serves as a reminder that technology has the power to break down barriers and create a more inclusive world for everyone. 


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