Five Tips for Peace and Productivity while Working From Home

Five Tips for Peace and Productivity while Working From Home


Whether you’re working from home for the first time or you’ve been telecommuting for a while, you may be finding it challenging during this unprecedented time to stay focused as you work remotely.  


Here are a few tips to help you find peace and productivity while working from home: 

  1. Establish a daily routine. While there may be more unstructured time right now, establishing or maintaining a consistent schedule for the day to day can help you to feel grounded amidst the uncertainty and ensure you’re making time for the things that matter. Set work hours and create boundaries around what you’re able to do at this time. While interruptions will happen (especially if you have kids at home!), make adjustments where possible to limit distractions for focused work periods, and in turn, time for rest and relaxation.  

  2. Set transition anchors. Whether you’re continuing to work a regular 9-5 or are working at certain times based around other responsibilities, create transition anchors that can help you get into the workflow as well as wind down from the work day. Even though you’re at home, take time to begin your work day with the activities you may usually do on your commute, such as listening to music or a podcast, reading a few pages of a book, or drinking a cup of tea or coffee to set the tone for your day. 
  3. Create a workspace. We don’t all have the space to set up a separate home office, but we can clear an area that will work for us and designate it as “work only”. Even if it’s your dining table or kitchen counter, create a clutter-free zone to work and clear up at the end of your work day to signal to your brain that it’s personal time. 
  4. Focus on single tasking. While research has proven that multitasking is a myth, it can feel super productive, and the temptation to try to handle multiple tasks while at home may be even greater as our home responsibilities are clearly before us. But single-tasking allows for better focus, concentration, and peace of mind. Set a timer to focus on single tasks for certain periods of time. You may even batch tasks, as the less you need to switch gears, the more productive you can be
  5. Take breaks and stay connected. It’s important to take good care of yourself. Use a timer for short breaks while working, and make time to enjoy lunch on the patio or by a window, take your dog for a walk in the morning, or video chat with loved ones in the evening. Work hours can be blurred working from home and quickly lead to burnout, and setting a rhythm for your workweek is the antidote. Bonus: give yourself grace. This is a difficult time and you’re doing great! 


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Jodie Martin is a freelance writer specializing in health and wellbeing, lifestyle, and parenthood. She is also an E-RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, and Three Wisdom Traditions wellness coach. Jodie lives in Asheville, NC.




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