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How to Manage with Kids at Home During School Closures

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With students staying home from school due to COVID-19, many families are experiencing unplanned disruptions to regular routines. According to UNESCO, 105 countries have closed schools and educational institutions nationwide, impacting over 897.1 million children and youth. 

Since many of us are trying to balance work from home responsibilities with our children’s schooling and care, we’ve put together a few tips to help navigate this time.  


Five Tips to Navigate Time at Home with Children During Coronavirus 


1. Create a schedule.

Setting up a daily routine is beneficial for all children, but can be especially useful for children with ADHD so they know what to expect and it encourages self-regulation. Keep your child’s normal sleep routine, and set a schedule not only for individualized learning, but also for meals, breaks, physical activity, and free time. 

2. Empower your child. 

Children can use the Time Timer to help them set and track their own time and have a say in their individualized learning. Time Timer visual timers give children the ability to have a concrete, visual representation of time, and they can set the colored disk themselves and watch the time disappear.  
While keeping a regular schedule is important when it comes to independent learning, it can mean scheduling allotted amounts of time, rather than a time of day. This may help some children focus on a particular subject or task. For example, students may focus better and keep track of their own time when they know they should be spending 40 minutes reading and 20 minutes on math. With scheduled durations for school assignments, your child can manage their learning independently.  

3. Make it fun. 

Be sure to make time for fun and break up learning sessions with times for games, special projects, or pursuing individual interests. Brainstorm projects and activities with your child for things you can do around the house, or for younger kids come up with a list of things they love for them to choose from. You might pick theme days, do puzzles, read stories together, plan a kid-friendly science experiment, or “play restaurant” and have your child help with meal planning by getting creative with what they can make from the pantry.

4. Be active. 

While we are staying home, it’s important to stay active and get outside when we can! Play backyard games, take walks in your neighborhood (if you and your children are healthy, while maintaining a safe distance from others), have dance parties, or practice yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga, a YouTube channel with yoga, mindfulness and relaxation practices designed especially for kids aged 3+. 

5. Curb screen time (and stay connected). 

Of course, you are likely juggling a lot right now between working from home and childcare. Screen time will happen, so plan for it with scheduled times and try to choose videos that are educational (animals and nature are always popular!) or are interactive, such as FaceTime with family and friends to stay connected with loved ones during this time. Sticking to a schedule and daily routine and using the Time Timer can help to limit screen time to certain periods. 


Free Shipping On All Orders Throughout the U.S.   

As long as we have the ability to distribute products, and as long as kids are at home, we are offering structure, peace of mind, and free shipping on all orders within the United States. We would love to help you and your child during this time.  


For individual learning, we recommend the Time Timer PLUS or the Time Timer MOD 

  • The Time Timer PLUS is available in 5-Min, 20-Min, 60-Min, and 120-Min durations and has a portable handle with a protective lens, making it easy to carry to different activities or tasks. 
  • The Time Timer MOD is a 60-minute visual timer that caters to the senses. Its silicone cover creates a softer sensory experience and the cover is available in various colors that can be switched out for different activities or preferences.    

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      Additional Ideas, Support, and Resources 

      See below for a sample schedule for kids with ADHD, as well as links to virtual museum tours and concerts, activities to keep your kids engaged at home, free subscriptions to education websites, internet access provisions, and websites that offer free audiobooks and eBooks. 


      We hope these tips and resources are helpful for our Time Timer family at this time. Please stay healthy. 



      Jodie Martin is a freelance writer specializing in health and wellbeing, lifestyle, and parenthood. She is also an E-RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, and Three Wisdom Traditions wellness coach. Jodie lives in Asheville, NC.


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