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Family Game Night with Time Timer

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


There’s nothing better than quality family time, and game nights are an easy way to enlist the whole crew, especially if there are good snacks!   

Here are five game night ideas suitable for all ages for a fun and memorable night with your family, including the classics, some active games, and a series of challenges that are a surefire way to get everyone laughing.  


The Classics  


Choose teams, get drawing materials ready, select a word (either from the ones you create or the purchased set), and start your Time Timer for 3-5 minutes for each team to take their turn. This popular game is easy to learn and easy to modify to make it accessible for all, especially with a visual timer and a chalkboard or whiteboard instead of paper, if available.  



Another classic for a reason, Charades is simple to modify for your family with categories for different age groups or skill levels. Split up into teams, select a card (either from the ones you create or from a purchased pack) set the Time Timer for 1-3 minutes, and start acting out your word without speaking. Try to beat the Time Timer! 


Get Moving  

Hide and Seek  

A great game for younger children, but everyone can have fun being a kid again with hide and seek! Set the Time Timer for 1 minute with the alarm on to let kids know when their time is up to secure a hiding spot. You can also use the Time Timer to see who can find the one hiding the quickest. 


Obstacle Course 

This one is fun for all ages and even setting it up can be fun for kids to help with. Encourage them to build their best pillow and blanket forts and obstacles, add a few challenges like jumping jacks, set a Time Timer for your chosen time, and go!  


For Laughs  

Minute to Win It 

The original TV game show inspired thousands of games families can play at home, with 10 challenges that take 1 minute or less –  the fastest wins! With Minute to Win It, choose the sillier the better for lots of belly laughs! A few popular family-friendly challenges you may like to add to your list include: 


Ping pong puddle jumper 
  • Materials: plastic cups, ping pong balls 
  • Line up a row of plastic cups next to each other, filled to the brim with water.  
  • Place a ping pong ball in the first cup.  
  • Set a Time Timer for 1 minute and blow the ball from the first cup down the line without blowing it off. 
  • Once you finish, start again. Whoever gets down the line the most times wins.   
    Keep the balloon up  
    • Materials: inflated balloons 
    • Set a Time Timer for 1 minute and try to keep the balloon up for one minute with one hand behind your back. Add more balloons to make it more challenging for different ages and skill levels.  


    We hope these games inspire you to organize a family game night this season. Turn off the electronic devices, put out some delicious snacks, and make every moment count with your loved ones. 

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