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Empowering Educators: Time Timer Free Resources for Educators

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the quest for effective teaching tools and resources involves looking online for informative (and hopefully free) resources.  

For instance, teachers look for guidance in creating engaging and impactful learning experiences for their students.  

Time Timer is proud to offer our customers a treasure trove of free educational materials. 


IEP Resource Guide: Elevating IEPs with Time Timer 

IEPs are complicated – we are not experts, that is why we partnered with one! We collaborated with Catherine Whitcher from Master IEP Coach to bring you this IEP Time Saving Guide. 

This comprehensive resource guide is a game-changer for educators and parents alike, streamlining the IEP creation process.  

This guide includes 5 strategies to support teachers in constructing effective IEPs so that every student's unique needs are met. Time Timer's visual timers feature prominently in this process, facilitating students' time management and task adherence.  

Furthermore, the guide offers sample letters that teachers and parents can employ to advocate for the inclusion of visual timers as assistive technology within IEPs, thereby guaranteeing that students receive the essential support required for their academic journey. 


Handwashing Activity Guide: Cultivating Hygiene Habits 

In today's world, teaching proper handwashing techniques is more critical than ever.  

Time Timer partnered with Eva C. Phillips, Ed.D., to produce the comprehensive Handwashing Activity Guide. This guide equips educators of elementary-aged children with five interactive activities designed to make the learning process regarding hand hygiene engaging and fun. 

The Handwashing Activity Guide not only underscores the significance of thorough handwashing but also furnishes practical tools, including recording sheets and activity templates.  

The guide offers adaptable strategies for various teaching environments, encompassing distance learning and in-home schooling.  


Beginnings: Fostering Compassion and Empathy 

Empathy and compassion are virtues of immeasurable importance that young children must cultivate. To assist educators in nurturing these qualities within their students, Time Timer collaborated with Eva C. Phillips, Ed.D., to create the Beginnings Resource Guide for Educators. 

This resource guide lays the groundwork for an understanding of differences and coexistence among young people. 


Timmy Timer's Magic Time Timer: Embracing Visual Timers 

Visual timers are potent tools for teaching effective time management skills. The Timmy Timer's Magic Time Timer social story stands as a captivating resource for introducing the concept of visual timers within the classroom.  

This engaging narrative shows how visual timers function and why they represent a valuable asset for managing activities and transitions. 


I Can Wash My Hands: Engaging Handwashing Education 

Proper handwashing is an essential life skill, and Time Timer's I Can Wash My Hands social story makes the learning process enjoyable and memorable.  

Join Timmy Timer on a captivating journey as he demonstrates the steps of proper handwashing, using the Time Timer WASH handwashing timer. This resource instills proper handwashing routines in an engaging and accessible manner. 


Taking Turns in Our Classroom: Nurturing Sharing Skills 

Sharing and taking turns are fundamental social skills that children must acquire.  

Taking Turns in Our Classroom social story provides an invaluable tool for imparting these skills, all while incorporating visual timers. 

Follow Timmy Timer's narrative as he employs the Time Timer visual timer to facilitate sharing and turn-taking with a coveted classroom toy. 


Morning and Homework Routines: Structured Learning at Home 

Getting children prepared in the morning or maintaining their focus on homework assignments at home can pose considerable challenges. Time Timer extends two resources to tackle these prevalent issues: the Morning Routines Checklist and the Homework Workstation Checklist. 

The Morning Routines Checklist empowers children to independently complete their morning tasks, guaranteeing a seamless start to the day. When coupled with a Time Timer product, it enhances their time management proficiency and ensures punctuality. 

The Homework Workstation Checklist proves invaluable for creating a dedicated workspace for schoolwork at home. Beyond merely fostering organization, it cultivates an environment conducive to productive learning. 


Science and Yoga Activities: Learning Beyond Classroom Walls 

Education knows no boundaries and transcends traditional classroom confines.  

Our Science Activity is perfect for hands-on learning. With basic materials such as construction paper, ice cubes, and a Time Timer visual timer, educators can orchestrate an engaging science experiment that marries fun with education. 

Physical activity also holds immense significance for both children and adults alike.  

Time Timer's Yoga Activity Cards present a delightful 20-minute break that encourages the entire family to partake in a rejuvenating yoga session. This activity represents an excellent means of rejuvenating minds and bodies, enhancing overall well-being during the day. 


Free Inquiry Lesson Plan: Cultivating Curiosity and Critical Thinking 

Cultivating curiosity and nurturing critical thinking lie at the heart of effective education. Time Timer offers a Free Inquiry Lesson Plan, graciously provided by Mr. Matthew Barbercheck, an esteemed educator from Michigan. This meticulously crafted lesson plan serves as an invaluable resource for teachers keen on incorporating free inquiry lessons into their curricula. 


Why We Offer You Free Resources 

Time Timer's commitment to providing free educational resources underscores our dedication to empowering educators and enriching the learning experience for students.  

From comprehensive IEP guides to interactive handwashing activities and beyond, our resources are meticulously designed to arm educators, parents, and individuals looking for time management tools with effective strategies.


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