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Time Timer Affiliate Partner Program

Time Timer Affiliate Program

How it Works

Sign Up

Sign Up

Start your affiliate partner application and receive a personalized affiliate link upon approval.


Use your personalized affiliate link on social media platforms, your website, or blog to promote Time Timer products.
Earn Money

Earn Money

For every sale generated at timetimer.com through your affiliate link, you earn a 10-20%, paid out quarterly.


Time Timer greatly appreciates everyone who recommends our products. The Time Timer Affiliate Partner Program (TTAPP) is a way to say thanks for all the referrals.
An affiliate partner is able to earn a 10-20% commission on sales that come via their personal Time Timer affiliate link to www.timetimer.com. All sales and shipping are handled directly by Time Timer, so no inventory is required to be carried by affiliate partners. Please view the Time Timer Affiliate Partner Program guide for further details.
The Time Timer Affiliate Partner Program is only available for US residents.


To apply to the Time Timer Affiliate Partner Program, click the button below.
Please be sure to email your completed W-9 at the same time you apply to affiliate@timetimer.com.

Why Choose Us

  • Promote a product that makes a difference in many people's lives.
  • Enjoy a 10-20% commission on all sales you make at timetimer.com.
  • New blog content weekly that you can share to help promote Time Timer.
  • Access to videos and images to help you promote Time Timer on social media platforms.
Why Choose Us


  • Reach out to our Time Timer Affiliate Liaison for additional resources, product samples, or any support you may need. You can contact them at affiliate@timetimer.com.
  • Keep an eye out for emails from affiliate@timetimer.com about product information, uses or promotions to share with your audience. We update our affiliates monthly with suggestions and what is new at Time Timer!
  • Use this gift guide to help recommend products to your different audiences.
  • Here is a list of marketing materials where you can access videos and images to help you promote Time Timer.
  • This blog post shows how Time Timer can make a difference and impact the importance of Making Every Moment Count


  • Program email: affiliate@timetimer.com
  • Toll free: 1-877-771-8463 (a message will be taken and forwarded to the program manager)