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Autism Timers

Many on the Autism Spectrum relate better to their surroundings through visual cues. That's why the abstract idea of “time” can be frustrating and confusing! It’s one thing to look at a clock and see that it’s 3 o’clock but totally different to be expected to know “how long” 30 minutes really is.

For anyone struggling with the concept of elapsed time, being able to “see” it move as the red disk disappears is incredibly empowering. Sensory overload, transition anxiety and difficulty communicating make it challenging for children and adults with ASD to learn. But they can, and they do—they just learn differently.

The Time Timer helps those with Autism “see” time pass. Even young children instinctively understand that when the red disk is gone, time is up!

Use these Autism Timers for:

  • Easing stressful transitions by showing "how much longer" 
  • Helping visitors and new caregivers stick to the family routine
  • Increasing confidence and independence
  • Encouraging natural talents like visual thinking