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ADHD Timer for Kids and Adults!

Everyone has challenges with time management, but it can be especially difficult for those with ADHD. Self-regulation and making the transition between “now” and “not now” can often be challenging. One key to success is dividing activities and projects into blocks of time and using visual cues, like the Time Timer, to clearly display time expectations.

Attention Talk Radio recommends the Time Timer because its visual countdown gives adults and kids a grounded sense of time passing. Watch the video.

How does this ADHD Timer work? Simply turn the disk to set how much time you want, and, when the red is gone, time is up!

Use the Time Timer to:

  • Break long projects into manageable steps. 
  • Lessen the stress of transitions at school, work or home.
  • Teach children the concept of time. 
  • Reduce distractions and increase productivity.