Time Timer Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Teachers, Parents, and Kids

Time Timer Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts for Teachers, Parents, and Kids


The holiday season is a time of giving. This year, consider picking out stocking-stuffers from the Time Timer product line. These time management tools serve as unique and practical presents for teachers, parents, and kids alike.  

In this holiday gift guide, we've curated a selection of Time Timer products that are sure to bring joy and value to those special individuals in your life. 


For Teachers: Empowering Time Management in the Classroom 

Time Timer Original 8” + Visual Scheduler. By combining the disappearing colored disk of the Time Timer visual timer with visual activity cues, you can easily create time-based visual schedules that all ages and abilities can understand. Teachers can create custom visual schedules to meet the needs of their students. This kit includes a 60-minute visual countdown timer, dry erase board, 36 activity cards, 4 clips used to hold activity cards at desired time segments, and a dry erase marker. 

Time Timer MOD Education Edition Visual Timer. This classroom timer comes with a protective lens and silicon case, making it more durable when working with students. It is also easy to display in any classroom setting. Teachers can effortlessly manage transitions between activities, allocate time for group work, and instill a sense of time awareness in their students. This set empowers educators to create a structured and engaging learning environment. NOW AVAILABLE in a 120 Minutes duration for teachers who require longer intervals! 

Time Timer PLUS 20 Minute. For teachers who require shorter time intervals, this is an indispensable tool. The Time Timer PLUS 20 Minute timer offers a greater visual impact for shorter duration needs such as silent reading, quiet corner time, as well as 15- to 20- minute activities for students. This powerful tool not only aids in time management but also encourages a sense of responsibility and accountability among students. 


For Parents: Creating Structure and Fun at Home 

Time Timer MOD Home Edition. Maintaining a sense of routine and structure at home is essential for a harmonious family life. This countdown timer is tailored for parents seeking to instill a sense of responsibility and time awareness in their children. It's the perfect tool for managing screen time and setting homework blocks. With its intuitive design, parents can easily customize timers to suit the unique needs of their household. 

Time Timer PLUS 5 Minute. This versatile timer is ideal for quick tasks and activities. Parents can use it to create study session breaks, allocate time for chores, or create fun challenges that kids can complete within a set timeframe. Its visual countdown provides a clear and engaging way to teach kids the concept of time management in a practical, hands-on manner. 

Time Timer TWIST. The TWIST is a versatile and interactive timer that you will love. At home use the TWIST for everything from keeping kids’ morning and bedtime routines on task to timing homework, study sessions, or baking the perfect batch of cookies. With a magnetic back, it is the perfect visual timer to place on the refrigerator where everyone can see how much time is remaining.  


For Kids: Fun and Educational Time Management Tools 

Time Timer Watch. This watch is a wearable time management solution. It features an easy-to-read display and vibration alerts that discreetly remind kids of their commitments. Its presence on the wrist helps kids stay on track throughout the day. Parents can program specific countdowns, making it an invaluable tool for tasks like getting ready for school, completing homework, or transitioning between activities.

Time Timer MOD Special Edition Tie-Dye. Make time management and productivity fun! This visual timer was specifically designed to ignite passion, color, and excitement into your everyday tasks. Perfect for your kid’s bedroom or desk, so they can independently manage their time while completing task.
Time Timer PLUS 20 Minute. The Time Timer PLUS 20 Minute is an excellent educational tool for children. Parents can use it to help kids grasp the concept of time intervals, encouraging them to complete tasks or activities within the designated 20 minutes. This visual timer promotes a structured approach to tasks, helping kids develop a sense of accomplishment and time awareness.  



Celebrating the Holidays with Time Timer 

This holiday season, give the gift of time management with Time Timer products tailored for teachers, parents, and kids. Whether it's creating structure in the classroom, establishing routines at home, or making learning fun for children, Time Timer offers a range of innovative solutions that cater to various needs. With these thoughtfully selected gifts, you're not only providing practical tools, but also empowering individuals to make the most of their time.  

Spread the joy of effective time management this holiday season! With the Time Timer by your side, you'll experience the true essence of the holidays: joy, connection, and gratitude. 


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