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Organization Spotlight: La Soupe

Posted by Jenna Ahern on


Today, we’re shining the spotlight on an organization we’re proud to support at Time Timer: La Soupe, a 501(c)3 nonprofit working with communities across the Greater Cincinnati region. 

Founded in 2014 by Chef Suzy DeYoung, La Soupe bridges the gap between food waste and insecurity through its Community Kitchen Program, educational cooking workshops, and other initiatives. 

Mission Statement 

The mission of La Soupe is to rescue fresh produce before it hits landfills, transform it into nutrient-rich soups and sides, and share it with food-insecure individuals and families. 


History of LaSoupe 

After 25 years as a restaurateur and caterer, LaSoupe founder Suzy DeYoung gained a new sense of purpose by redistributing catering food overages to those in need.  

Early in her new mission, Suzy read a Facebook post about children at a Cincinnati school going home hungry over the weekend. This is where she launched into deeper action as the following statistics came into focus:  

  • Cincinnati is ranked #5 in the highest childhood poverty rates across the United States.  
  • Additionally, 40% of all food produced is lost or wasted each year.  

Suzy sought to bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity in the greater Cincinnati area by developing a plan to rescue otherwise wasted produce to create delicious, nutritious soups and meals for food-insecure families, nonprofits, and customers. 


LaSoupe Projects 

In the past 9 years, La Soupe has expanded its outreach programs and started more initiatives, including the Bucket Brigade, Cincinnati Gives a Crock, Nourish the ‘Nati, and the Community Kitchen Program. In 2020, La Soupe raised funds to move to a larger facility to expand its reach and impact.  


Community Kitchen Program  
Through its mission to Rescue, Transform, Share, and the Community Kitchen Program, every week La Soupe operates a chef-based model and its volunteer network to:  
  • Rescue 20,000 pounds of perishables from farms, grocers, and wholesalers 
  • Transform this food into healthy soups and meals and share approximately 15,000 servings  
  • Distribute these meals to over 100 partner agencies across Cincinnati that help food-insecure individuals and families 
Bucket Brigade 
Cincinnati chefs have taken the Bucket Brigade challenge, using rescued produce from La Soupe along with their own kitchen overages to transform it into healthy soups. Through the Bucket Brigade, La Soupe is able to share another 15,000 servings thanks to its partner restaurants and catering companies. 
Nourish the ‘Nati Initiative 
La Soupe recognizes the link between an individual’s health and health equity, and food insecurity and poverty. Through the Nourish the ‘Nati Initiative, La Soupe has developed evidence-based meal programming and nutritional standards. The Initiative aims to provide access to healthy options for food-insecure individuals seeking healthier choices, promote health and nutrition in its culinary education programming, and inspire partner organizations to address nutrition security and promote wellness for its employees and the communities they serve. 


Education Programs 

La Soupe is invested in culinary education programming, including Cooking Improv, which offers classes for adults and kids over 12, and Cincinnati Gives a Crock, which offers 8-week cooking classes at high schools and clubs throughout the city and provides students with crockpots and meals to take home to enjoy with their families. 


Get Involved 

If you would like to get involved, there are several volunteer opportunities at La Soupe, including being a food runner, helping in the kitchen, or supporting culinary education programs.   
La Soupe welcomes donations. Donations are tax-deductible and donation receipt letters are provided.  


To learn more about LaSoupe, visit their website 


Time Timer is proud to support this amazing organization working with communities throughout the Greater Cincinnati area to reduce food waste and food insecurity. 


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