Hygge Home: A Cozy New Approach to Family Time

Hygge Home: A Cozy New Approach to Family Time

You don’t have to ask us twice to participate in a lifestyle trend that revolves around all things comforting. Hot chocolate. Warm blankets. Fuzzy socks. Sweet treats. Maybe a few candles or a fire! What’s not to like about the hygge home?

If you’re new to hygge, it’s a Danish concept that encompasses all those cozy little things that make you feel warm, fuzzy and content. And who wants to keep all that to themselves? We think hygge offers endless ideas for family time – whether it’s for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or just a Saturday night in the middle of winter.

Swap Movie Night for Hygge Night: 3 Hygee Ideas for Family Time

To start living the hygge life, pick an evening when your family might otherwise watch a movie together and declare it hygge night. Start by having everyone change into their favorite comfy clothes—whether that’s pajamas or sweats—then gather up your favorite blankets and settle in for…


1. Improv Storytelling

Don’t worry, it’s not hard! This is group storytelling. Acting out the story is totally optional but funny voices are encouraged. Pick a general theme: ghosts, adventure, comedy, robots or outer space. Instead of a play in three acts, this is going to be a story in five one-minute parts. Pick who’s going to start then move around the circle and build on each other’s imaginations.

We recommend our Time Timer PLUS® 5 Minute to make this whole process a snap. Set the timer for five minutes then kick off the story. As you see each minute go by, switch to the next storyteller. The story is over when the timer goes off. When you’re done laughing, pick a new theme, set your Time Timer and start all over again.


2. A Hot Chocolate Bar

Mmmm, hot chocolate. A winner for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers and of course, their chocolate-loving parents. Make it extra hygge by setting up a hot chocolate bar in the kitchen. Fill up some cereal bowls with hot chocolate toppings. We’re thinking rainbow sprinkles, chocolate shavings or chips, and every kind of marshmallow imaginable—mini marshmallows, rainbow marshmallows and maybe even those fancy heart-shaped marshmallows.

Oh, and whipped cream. You remember the whipped cream, right? Once everyone has topped their hot chocolate to overflowing status, we recommend enjoying this treat around the kitchen table and your family’s favorite board game. Family bonding, hygge style.


3. Family Book Club

OK, we’ll be honest, this is a harder sell than the hot chocolate bar, but we think it’s worth the effort to turn off the electronics and engage your kids with a family book club night. Except this one has a twist: Each person reads his or her own favorite book—or whatever they’re in the middle of right now—alone. Then everyone comes back to talk about what he or she read. 

For the littlest family members, you may need to pair up to read to them or read together. Older kids might need a little coaxing but picking out a special book at the library or book store ahead of time might help. We suggest trying a 20-minute reading period followed by each person sharing. To avoid all the “how much longer?” questions, break out the Time Timer PLUS® 20 Minute. Simply place it on a nearby table where everyone can see the time.

These are just a few starter ideas for a family hygge night. You could even make your first one a family brainstorming session to come up with your very own hygge activities to enjoy together all year around. Cozy times are the best times!
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