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Are We There Yet? Hit the road with Time Timer this summer!

Posted by Christen Barbercheck on


It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. This summer - perhaps more than any other – we’re all longing to bust out of our usual surroundings and enjoy a long-awaited, well-deserved vacation of any kind. (Cue, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by The Animals.) All of us here at Time Timer are right there with you. 

Travelocity officially predicts summer 2021 to be “the season of family reunions”, based on recent survey insights gathered by the travel site. According to their findings, socializing with family (and friends) is ranked the most preferred vacation choice this summer among respondents who have yet to travel since the coronavirus pandemic began. So, if you’re like many people, you’re planning a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa, or your best friend many miles away! 

Of course, the harsh reality of 2020 and everything it entailed included canceling or skipping most travel plans. Even local “staycation” day trips and outings were generally out of the questions for a long period of time, whether due to regional pandemic restrictions or personal comfort and safety levels. 

And if you have children of any age, you know the last 15 months featured the most dreadfully complicated, confusing, and arduous year of schooling on the books. The kids are done, and so are you - in many more ways than one. 

While we continue to adjust, recuperate, and cope with a new normal, the widespread availability of vaccinations and lifted restrictions are making it possible to travel once again (albeit with some caveats in places). So, pack your bags, grab your kids, and let’s hit the road! 



Are we there yet?.....Are we there yet? 

There's no question; we all need a break from reality this summer. Of course, when any of us plans a vacation, our planning and expectations revolve around all the awesome adventures we most certainly will enjoy, right? But let’s not forget the logistics of the whole thing. Whether you’re off to a tropical vacation via airplane, or heading out on an eight-hour (or much longer!) road trip, anyone who’s traveled with children knows that’s when things can get a little dicey.  

When it comes to a few of the typical challenges that come with a road trip and air travel territory, we have a few tips to share.  



Time Timer can help you breakdown road trips into visual segments 

Time Timer products are unique in that they actually help people “visualize” time with its revolving red disk that disappears as time elapses.  

Younger children who haven’t yet grasped the concept of time passage may have the greatest difficulty with enduring long road trips (or even short road trips, let’s be honest). This is especially true in terms of figuring out how much time is really left before you expect to arrive at your destination. That’s where Time Timer saves the day – and your sanity. (“Dad, are we there yet?”) 

Check out our whimsical collection of Time Timer – MOD timers, and you’ll have a colorful way to help kids understand just how much time is really left until you get to the amusement park (or Grandma’s house). Want to break the trip into 30-minute segments, and play a fun car game or win a prize in-between each segment? Set Time Timer’s 60-minute dial for a 30-minute increment, and just like that, your kids will know what’s up at a glance.  



When can we stop for snacks, Mom? 

Do your kids keep asking when the next stop is? If you find yourself losing your patience trying to explain how long 20 minutes is, let Time Timer help! Simply set the timer for the amount of time between stops, and the visible red disc on the timer’s face will let your little ones “see” how long it will be until the next snack break. If you have sensory-sensitive individuals in your family, you may easily switch-off Time Timer’s audible alert, and simply rely on the red disc display.  



How long until we go down to the pool? 

Family time is wonderful when you’re away from all the everyday stresses of routine life back at home. You’ve built in plenty of downtime, but sometimes the vacation schedule can get a bit tense, as well. Time Timer can hold its place in your temporary residence as a means of setting time limits for television time, clean-up sessions or even remaining time until everyone packs up again and heads down to the beach or pool for some fun in the sun. The Time Timer Watch PLUS® is another cool way to keep track of time when you’re on the go.  



Staying Healthy While on the Road 

As things slowly start to open back up to full capacity, it is more important than ever to stay safe. One great way to keep your family safe is ensuring that everyone is washing their hands properly. The Time Timer WASH can be taken on the go to make sure everyone is washing for the full 20 seconds.  

The Time Timer WASH is designed so if something is blocking the sensor, in close proximity, for more than 90 seconds, the Time Timer WASH will go into Sleep Mode to preserve battery power. You can place your WASH in Sleep Mode while on the road. Once you arrive at your destination you wake the WASH up by simply pressing the top button. Upon pressing the button, the unit will resume normal operation. Perfect for a healthy and safe vacation! 



Vacation and Beyond 

When it comes to the bigger stuff of life, Time Timer helps with that too. If you’re a visual learner, like many adults and children, the Time Timer can be your hero. Our innovative timekeeping tools will help keep you, your family, and your children stay focused on what’s most important throughout the day, whether in a condo on the beach or right at home! 


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