Decoration Day!

Published May 21, 2015

Another Memorial Day weekend is almost here! There is the usual flurry of activity at the grocery stores where the employees struggle to keep hot dogs and beer in the coolers and buns and soft drinks on the shelves. Social media postings alternate between announcements of gatherings of families and friends and admonishments to not forget about honoring those who gave their lives while in uniform.

I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries but our holidays seem to have a rather fluid nature to them. They may start out being about one thing in particular but most tend to end up being an opportunity for a party! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, although I do wonder if a lot doesn’t get lost for those who have no concept of the origins behind these days we single out.

Memorial Day is a perfect example. It began shortly after the end of the Civil War and it wasn’t even called “Memorial Day”. When I was a youngster, it was still known as Decoration Day because that was the day you “decorated” the graves. Originally, it was just meant for those who had fallen in war, but somewhere along the way that changed and it became a day to put flowers on the graves of all family members.

I know it may sound odd but I have wonderful memories of Decoration Day. My favorite aunt would pick me and my brother up early in the morning. Her car would be jam-packed with all sorts of flower arrangements and we would drive to maybe a dozen different cemeteries, many of which were down long country roads, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. We always paid special attention to the veterans but those graves were often already marked with small flags by various organizations.

It wouldn’t be long before we would drive through a small town and members of the American Legion or VFW would be on the street corners selling those little red poppies. We would proudly wear ours all day. As we pulled weeds and distributed flowers, we heard stories about family members who had died long before we were ever born. There was something really special about being a part of an effort to keep their memories alive and acknowledge our connection to them.

I love a good Memorial Day BBQ as much as the next person, but I wouldn’t trade those Decoration Day experiences for anything.   

Everyone here at Time Timer wishes you and your families a safe and wonderful holiday weekend! In the end, it all comes back to family --- the effort we make to appreciate those around us, remember those who have passed on and honor those whose lives were given in service to this larger family we are all a part of.

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Not Everything Needs Changing

Published May 13, 2015

It’s become somewhat of a cliché to grumble about having literally hundreds of channels available to us on our TVs and being unable to find anything to watch. I’m sure it happens to you just like it does to me. If I don’t just switch it off and reach for a book or something, I sometimes turn to old favorites. I did that the other night and found myself watching an episode of “Murder She Wrote”. I used to be a big fan but I don’t ever remember seeing this one.

If you followed the adventures of mystery writer J.B. Fletcher, played by Angela Lansbury, you know that after killing off a rather large percentage of the population of tiny Cabot Cove, Maine, they had to expand to other locations. This particular show was broadcast in 1991 and took place in New York City, where Jessica was teaching a class. She had finally decided to give up her old typewriter, and, while being instructed on the features of her new computer, she made the comment, “So, if I finish a chapter of my new book in Cabot Cove, I can send it through the phone lines to my publisher in New York?”

I’m afraid I missed most of the rest of the storyline because this started me thinking about the magnitude of change we have experienced in such a short amount of time. CBS has a new program out, “CSI: Cyber”, that centers around capabilities that I rarely understand but have no problem believing exist. What I do find hard to accept is how we got so far so fast. Angela Lansbury’s character was realistically incredulous about the power of the internet less than 25 years ago, and today pretty much everything we do is controlled or even threatened by it! I’m not even sure when “cyber” became its own word rather than a prefix.   

I suppose how all of this affects you depends upon what generation you belong to. Although no longer living, I had relatives who had to listen closely when the phone rang to see if it was for them. If I remember correctly, my aunt’s number was “two longs and a short”. I guess you could say that was the original version of a ring tone! Had she watched that episode of “Murder She Wrote”, she would have been even more amazed than Jessica. But, there are generations, now, who have no real concept of what it was like before instant and constant connectivity. No appreciation for sending something in seconds rather than days or even longer.

There are also those of us who have experienced both of what seem to be very different worlds. Most days we take this in stride without giving it much thought but, at times, it can be a bit disconcerting. I think that’s what happened to me the other night watching that old rerun. Don’t get me wrong. Personally, I love most technology and all that it allows us to do. But…I must confess that I sometimes get a little nostalgic for simpler times. Slower. Connecting in person rather than in some “cyber” fashion.

Even though I’m not one who would ever want to turn the clock back on progress, I am glad that there are some things that not only haven’t changed much but really don’t need updating. I will always prefer my conversations be face to face and in the same room. No one will ever figure out a way to make a pot roast taste better than my mom's. And there will never be a video game that gives you more joy than playing with your dog.

This is also basically true for Time Timer. Oh sure, over the past 20-plus years, we’ve made upgrades to the way it operates and the design of the case. We’ve brought it into the digital world by adding desktop software versions and apps for smartphones and tablets. But what makes the Time Timer what it is has never changed. The simple red disk that disappears so that we can see the passage of time is the same now as when Jan Rogers came up with the idea in the early 1990’s.

The Time Timer you used to teach your children how to understand the concept of elapsed time will work just as well for their children. And there’s no reason to believe that will ever change. 

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iPhone App Upgrade Is Here!

Published May 07, 2015

The upgrade for our popular iPhone App has hit the shelves! If you’re already a fan, you know how handy this app is, and, if you don’t have it yet, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Like peanut butter and chocolate, combining the time management power of the Time Timer with the iPhone is nothing short of awesome!

Why an upgrade? Some sayings are so ingrained in popular usage that they have become clichés. One such example is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Not exactly a grammatical gem but there’s a lot to be said for the thought. At least, there used to be. These days, technology changes so quickly that, if you want to keep up, you need to be thinking about the next version almost before coming out with the current one! 

No one does this better than the folks at Apple. The iPhone 6 was on the shelves long before I’d figured out most of the features on my iPhone 5!

The same could be said for the Time Timer iPhone App. It works great, but we’ve upgraded it to be consistent and match the functionality of the iPhone 6. Our customers have told us how much they rely on the app, so we’re happy to make the investment to keep it current with the latest technology. Everything that you have come to love about the Time Timer iPhone App is still there, plus new features to make it even easier and more intuitive to use.

And it looks really cool!


You may already have a lot of apps on your phone but we’re willing to bet there are none more useful than this one. Easy to use. Versatile. Customizable. A powerful time management system right on your phone.

New features and functions include:

  • Set-By-Touch (Touch and drag to set a timer.  Use the Quick Start on the go!)
  • Set-with-Options (Customize and save timers for common routines, or any situation.  Options include a “60 Minutes” format, in which the disk is always a fraction of 60 min. and operates like the original Time Timer.  Or, a “Custom” mode, where the disk is scaled to any timer duration and can represent any period of time from 1 sec. to 99 hrs.) 
  • Play Bar (A new tool that visually depicts how many times a timer will play.  Synchronized with elapsing time; each bar represents the number of timers that are set to repeat.  Allows up to 99 plays for a single timer.)
  • List View (Saved timers are segmented based on whether they are running (Active) or not (Inactive).  Able to store up to 99 timers.  Left-swipe allows easy access to timer Settings, Play or Close functions.)
  • Horizontal or Vertical Display (View timers in either position, as single timers, in List View, or the 6-Timer screen.)
  • Awake Mode (Keeps the device from falling asleep when the app is open.)
  • Continuous Alert (Extends the alert when a timer runs out until it is dismissed.) 
  • Alert Icons (turn on/off audible and vibrate alerts while timer is “Active”.)

The upgraded Time Timer iPhone App is here and available for download. If you already have the current version, you’ll be able to upgrade for free. If you don’t have the app, what are you waiting for?

For a limited time, there will be special promotional pricing! Get it now!

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