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Hello! I really like my Time Timer, what a great idea/concept! My students (I teach kindergarten) like it because it allows them to tell how much time is left during an activity...even though they can't tell time! It is wonderful! - Teacher
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My 3 year old actually ASKS me to set the timer to 15 minutes when I tell him it's time to get ready for (whatever).  Sometimes I ask him how much time he needs to do something and he will point to the timer and say the number of minutes (it's usually 15 to 25 minutes). - Parent
In my experience in online purchases it is very rare to find a person and/or company that is so responsive to customer needs in such a timely manner. These timers are a staple in my household with my twin boys who are both on the autism spectrum, and I would like to thank you for the integrity and commitment to customer service. - Parent