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I want to thank you for such a great concept - this timer is 'priceless' in my son's preschool with the the children as well as home. Visualization of time before actual learning is great when children anticipate an event or when it is time for parents to pick them up from a morning at school. - Parent
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I recently purchased an 8-inch time timer from a teacher supply store in my hometown.  I have to say it has been the the BEST purchase I have ever made for my classroom.  I have only been teaching for 5 years but it has made such a difference in how my students manage their time.  They know exactly how much time they have and they LOVE to watch the red get smaller! Time management for first graders can be hard but with this timer they keep on track!  The best part is I have only used it for two days!  Thanks you so much for such a wonderful product! - First Grade Teacher
I really like my Time Timer, what a great idea/concept!  My students like it because it enables them to tell how much time is left during an activity.. even though they can't tell time!  It is wonderful! - Kindergarden Teacher