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I have seven students (six with autism and one who has Downs Syndrome). I like using the Time Timer with my students because it does not disturb the others, some of whom are extremely noise sensitive. - Special Education Classroom Teacher
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I like Time Timer.  I am 11 years old and I had PDD.  I like it because I know how much longer 'til my friend will be here.  We bought two of the Time Timers, one for home and one for school.  It helps me stay calmed down. - 11 Year-Old Boy
Our daughter Cathie received the Time Timer today and it is a great success.  Her little boy who is six and has Asperger's Syndrome knew straight away how it worked, while Cathie was still trying to figure it out!  Alex has great trouble knowing how much time has elapsed and the visual movement of the time passing is an enormous help to him. - Grandmother