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Thank you so much for everything! I am a Speech Language Pathologist and Learning Disabilities Specialist. Our private practice is celebrating its 25th year and we have 13 Speech Pathologists associated with our practice. I am truly impressed with our products and, now, getting to know your great customer service. You can be sure that we are and will be recommending and demonstrating your wonderful inventions! - Speech Language Pathologist
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The watch is great! I had back-to-back conference calls last week, both of which I was the lead facilitator. I used the watch to gauge the time on conference call number one, to make sure that I wrapped it up on time to start up conference call number two. It was GREAT! Since I've just been wearing it all the time, it was super easy... no need to run to my office to grab the audible timer, I just set the watch and used it on the fly. - Business Professional
I want to thank you for such a great concept - this timer is 'priceless' in my son's preschool with the children as well as home.  Visualization of time before actual learning is great when children anticipate an event or when it is time for parents to pick them up from a morning of school. - Parent