Time Timer for iPad App

Have all the power of our revolutionary time management system at your fingertips with our Edison AwardTM-winning Time Timer for iPad App

Showing the passage of time as a visual display on your iPad:

  • Helps teach children the concept of elapsed time
  • Makes homework and practice time more productive
  • Lessens conflict in family and household routines
  • Reduces the stress of transitions by showing “how much longer”
  • Enables teachers to more effectively manage their classrooms
  • Keeps meetings on time and moving forward
  • And so much more!

iPad App Features

  • View up to 4 Timers at once
  • Use Quick Start on the go
  • Create, name and save your Timers
  • Original (60-Minutes) Mode
  • Custom Mode
  • Clock Mode
  • Awake Mode: keep your iPad from falling asleep while Timers are running
  • Optional audible alert when time is up

Time Timer for iPad on iTunes.

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